GroundSwell Athletics is excited to announce two additions to their 2018-19 roster. Fresh off the colligate circuit, ex-national team athletes Tanner Farrow and Sam DuPratt have joined GroundSwell Athletics’ elite NorAm team. Farrow and Dupratt are taking advantage of the opportunity to train and compete at a high level on the hill while simultaneously learning and growing off the hill through GroundSwell Athletics revolutionary post-graduate ski team.

Farrow was born in Hailey, Idaho, and grew up skiing in Sun Valley. When Farrow was 18, he was selected to the U.S. ski team and spent the next three seasons as a member of the development team. Farrow then spent one season with the National University Team prior to spending two seasons on the University of Denver (DU) ski team. During his time at DU, Tanner helped his team win an NCAA championship in 2018.


When asked about his time in Denver, Farrow shared, “Skiing for the University of Denver was a great experience overall . . . to feel like you are progressing in life, outside of just ski racing is a very motivating feeling.”

Farrow has used up his athletic eligibility at DU but still has goals as a ski racer.

“I would like to re-establish myself as one of the best skiers in the US and compete on the World Cup.” Farrow shared, “In February of last ski season, I had lost all hope. I was tired of the sport, burnt out on school, and ready to hang up the sticks. My friend and teammate Sam Dupratt mentioned GroundSwell as a possible channel to continue competing. We set up a call with the founders of GroundSwell Athletics, Bob Bennett and Cody Marshall, and the fire inside started to burn again. Bob and Cody are incredibly humble, transparent, strategic, and offered me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. Now, I currently have a private coach, two business mentors, an internship-like position in a private equity firm, and another season of competing.”

Farrow admits there is a lot of work as he reflects on his experience thus far, “Once we get off the hill our business day starts. Whether I am simply listening in on a call between Bob and a business owner or fully engaging in a strategic planning session, the real-life scenario-based learning is insanely enjoyable and motivating. We are using operating, management, and strategy systems that have repeatedly created financial success for small to medium size companies. All of the content is taught by Bob and Cody in an online classroom. Unlike college where almost everything is hypothetical, this scenario-based environment creates an incentive to think and speak sensibly, go above and beyond the requirements, and establishes a desire to continue gaining as much knowledge as quickly as possible.”

Farrow racing with the U.S. Ski Team in 2015. Image Credit: GEPA Pictures/Philipp Brem

Sam Dupratt shares Farrow’s excitement, “Working directly with real businesses creates such a hands-on learning experience that really sticks with me. I am learning things for a purpose and not just to pass a test. College is great, don’t get me wrong, but the direct experiences I have had with businesses and GroundSwell has made my entire perception of the business world change for the better.”

Dupratt grew up in Dixon, California, and learned to ski at Squaw Valley. He and his family moved to Park City, Utah, in 2007 where he spent six years on the Park City ski team prior to being named to the U.S. Ski Team. Dupratt spent four seasons on the national team before he raced for University of Utah. In 2017, he helped Utah secure an NCAA Championship by placing second place in the NCAA giant slalom.

Similar to Farrow, Dupratt has a clear vision with specific athletic goals, “In the biggest picture, my goal is to get to the World Cup speed circuit where I can test my limits and push myself further than I ever have before. Cody has proven that he is here with my best interest at heart and that we can continue to improve ourselves as a team. I am excited to really work with him in the near future as the season gets underway.”

Dupratt also values a balance with development outside of sport, “I have joined GroundSwell to further my athletic and business career… Cody and Bob laid out a plan where I could further my business career goals in align with my racing aspirations. A major goal of mine is to build a business of my own.”

Cody Marshall shares their excitement, “Our mission is to create an environment where athletes can continue to pursue their passion in sport while simultaneously growing and learning outside of sport. We are very excited to work with Sam and Tanner to allow them to excel on and off the hill.”

GroundSwell Athletics will be heading to Colorado early next month to continue their preparation for the 2018-19 race season.

Release courtesy of GroundSwell Athletics.