Months after ending her career as a ski racer, Lindsey Vonn is branching out into her life after sport. The 34-year-old finished her career with a whopping 20 World Cup globes, the most of any male or female ski racer in history. She also racked up more downhill and super-G wins than any other skier in history (with 43 and 28, respectively.) Perhaps more impressively, she has positioned herself for success and happiness in array of other endeavors. Her interests range from the world of fitness and fashion to her non-profit foundation devoted to the support of girls. As she sets her sights on the future, it’s important to note the exposure she garnered for the sport of ski racing. Working alongside heavy-hitting icons like LeBron James, Dwayne Johnson, and Cindy Crawford, she has directed a whole new set of eyes toward the alpine world, and more than any other skier in history bridged the chasm between our fringe sport and the American household with her hard-working, celebrity status.


MM: Now that you are officially retired from ski racing, and lack a regimented athletic routine that you have to commit to day in and day out, where else are you directing your passion?

LV: Life has definitely changed since retiring, not so much on the business side, but it has been harder to get in the gym than it used to be. I think a lot of that has to do with my recent knee surgery from the crash I had last November, but still, I should probably pick up the pace soon.

On the business front, I have so many current and future projects going on, it’s amazing. From building my own beauty brand, building a nutrition company, “Ladder,” working with Dwayne (Johnson) on Project Rock, to investing in up and coming companies and businesses like Beyond Meat. I think the most important thing for me right now is to find something that I’m passionate about. I want to learn and grow as a person and as a businesswoman.

Vonn with her collection of World Cup globes. She ended her career with 82 World Cup Wins, seven World Championship Medals, three Olympic Medals, and is the most winningest female skier of all time. Photo by Claire Brown

MM: Wow, that sounds like a lot! Anything else?

LV:  I’m also going to be an executive producer on a film coming up. We’re finishing the script, so that project is chugging along nicely, but it’s more of a long-term project as I’ve been working on this for the past four years.

I also have a lot more time to spend on my foundation (The Lindsey Vonn Foundation) I always want to be at each event we host and my racing schedule has always limited me, now I can host even more “Strong Girls” camps and we are working on expanding our scholarship program.

MM: What has become the highlight of your day? What are you enjoying most in this new found freedom to branch out into other things?

LV:  I’m really enjoying spending more time with my boyfriend, my dogs, and family. I’m still traveling a lot but now I have more of the day to spend with the people I love, which has been amazing.

MM: What is the next phase of life that are you looking forward to the most?

LV:  I’m excited to start a family. I don’t know when it will happen but that’s definitely what I’m looking forward to most in the future.


MM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LV:  I have no idea where I’ll be in one year, let alone 10. My focus is on my loved ones and my business, we’ll see where that takes me.

MM: What is the greatest lesson ski racing has taught you, and how do you plan on carrying that lesson into the rest of your life?

LV:  Hard work and overcoming adversities are the biggest lessons I’ve learned in skiing. You can’t have success in anything without those two things. I’m sure I will have obstacles to get through in this next chapter of life but I know how to work hard and I’ll overcome them!

MM: What’s it like becoming a student of something new like attending business school at Harvard? Who are your mentors and who are you looking to the most to help guide you through this next stage of life?

LV:  I love learning and literally everyone is my mentor. I believe that everyone knows something that I don’t, so I’m always eager to learn something from everyone.

Going to Harvard was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life from an educational perspective. I learned how to open my mind and think differently. My professor, Anita Elberse, was so kind and has continued to be a mentor to me long after our classes ended. Also, my boyfriend P.K. (Subban) has been someone I look to for advice and inspiration. He is so creative in ways that I’m not and I think we are a great balance. We make a great team.


Vonn, pictured here on the website for Ladder nutrition alongside co-founders LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cindy Crawford. The skiing superstar has impacted exposure to ski racing unlike any other racer in U.S. history. Photo courtesy Ladder Nutrition


MM: What motivated you to start your own beauty line? What unique touches are you looking to bring into that industry?

LV:  I’ve always worn makeup while I ski and more recently while I’m at the gym. My parents always taught me to put your best foot forward and just like putting on a suit for a business meeting, I put on makeup for my job on the hill.

However, I’ve always had to be creative with what I wear because most beauty products aren’t made to withstand the mountain or the gym. My mission is to create something sustainable and long lasting so that women can wear makeup all day and not break out, not have to reapply and be protected from the sun. I’m making a beauty line for active people like me.

MM: Looking back on your life, how do you see your legacy? Besides being the winningest female in the history of your sport, how do you want people to remember you? What do you hope people say about you when they talk about you as a woman and an athlete?

LV:  I would like to be remembered as more than a skier. I hope I am remembered as a champion, yes, but more importantly as a good person and as someone who has helped women and women in sports.

Associate Editor – Born and raised in Metro-Detroit, Michigan, Mackenzie grew up ski racing all over the Mitten.​ She moved out west in search of mountains and attended the University of Oregon, where she achieved degrees in Journalism and Environmental Science. She raced USCSA and was captain of the UO Alpine Ski Team. She currently resides in Salt Lake City and serves as Associate Editor for Ski Racing Media.