The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club (SSWSC) is pleased to announce that a new position, created to help enhance the mental skills training for SSWSC athletes and to improve coaching of mental strength, has been accepted by Luke Brosterhous, formerly the Director of Golf at Catamount Ranch & Club. Brosterhous will be joining the SSWSC team on September 16.

With ties to the SSWSC as an Alpine Coach from 2007-2010, Brosterhous returns to assist athletes of all disciplines while focusing on older athletes who are in an ideal developmental phase to work on the mental aspects of their sport. Brosterhous will facilitate training in a classroom setting and on-hill. Additionally, Brosterhous will work with coaches to help enhance coaching skills and training plans that will encourage development of both an athlete’s mind and body.


“My passion for human performance and potential has always guided me and been at the root of my career pursuits. I am really excited to get started with the SSWSC athletes and coaches to help them in this role,” Brosterhous said.

During his time with Catamount Ranch & Club, Brosterhous consulted and taught professional and recreational golfers, as well as SSWSC and other local athletes on an individual basis. Combined with a master’s degree in exercise and sport science from the University of Utah, with a focus on the psychosocial aspects of sport and studies in motor learning, motivation theory, and applied sport psychology, and his involvement in extensive research in youth and long-term athletic development, Brosterhous’ knowledge and expertise combine to make him an exceptional addition to the leadership of the SSWSC.

“Having Luke join our staff takes our programming to a whole new level,” said Associate Executive Director Jon Nolting. “Training the mental skills of sport is just as important as the physical skills, and the mental skills learned will benefit the kids not only in their sport but throughout their life. Luke stands out in the field of sport psychology by having experience coaching in competitive snow sports with the SSWSC. In fact, it was his curiosity to learn more about sport psychology, youth development and coaching then that led him to pursue graduate studies in the field. Now he has an unmatched skillset to teach the coaches and athletes how to prepare mentally to be their best.”

Brosterhous and his wife Erin have two children, Davis (10) and Jett (7), who participate in the SSWSC programs. In addition to his new role with the SSWSC, Brosterhous will be starting his own sport psychology consulting business in town to further increase the awareness and importance of mental strength in sports.

To date, the SSWSC offers youth development programming to approximately 1,000 athletes each year and claims 95 Olympians and 165 Olympic Appearances, more than any other town in North America. The addition of a Mental Strength Coach will continue to help the SSWSC to positively benefit the lives of the community’s youth, both on and off the mountain.

Release courtesy of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.