In this episode of Ski Racing This Week, we give young Italian slalom star Alex Vinatzer a call to his home in Italy to hear about the situation in the country worst hit by the coronavirus (3:40). Then, we put something together that’s never been done before: Tom Kelly, the unofficial official authority on ski racing history, gives us the entire story of American slalom skiing, from beginning to end (13:20).

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Jimmy was born in Boston, MA. He grew up on the slopes of Cannon Mountain, and later Sugarbush--his family moved to Fayston, VT when he started attending the Green Mountain Valley School. He has spent the past four years training with the US Ski Team as an invitee and attending Dartmouth College part-time. He enjoys surfing small waves, touting the Eastern mountains, and making silly videos. He is now enthusiastically hosting SRM's official podcast, "Ski Racing This Week."