Jimmy Krupka catches a busy Tiger Shaw, President of U.S. Ski and Snowboard, to discuss dealing with the coronavirus and check in on general affairs with the Team (3:01). Then he tries to forget about COVID-19. His grandfather, a native of central Europe, helps with European name pronunciations (23:05). Thomas Walsh, Paralympian and cancer survivor, meets Jimmy in-studio to teach us more about Para and tell stories (31:07). Then Jimmy gives U.S. Ski Teamer George Steffey a call but the pair is interrupted by a surprising guest (49:39), and Helmut Wärer is back, with tips on social distancing (53:15).

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Jimmy was born in Boston, MA (big Patriots fan, obviously). He grew up on the slopes of Cannon Mountain and later Sugarbush, when his family moved to Fayston, VT as he started attending the Green Mountain Valley School. He has spent the past four years training with the US Ski Team as an invitee and attending Dartmouth College part-time. He enjoys surfing small waves, telling people why the Eastern mountains are better, and making silly videos. He is now hosting Ski Racing Media's official podcast, "Ski Racing This Week," with enthusiasm.