The Norwegian Ski Federation and Henrik Kristoffersen concluded the legal process concerning the disagreement on the profiling of his private sponsor, Red Bull. Kristoffersen has signed a new, three-year national team agreement, in which the Norwegian Ski Federation makes financial and practical arrangements for a sporting-adapted, individual scheme for Kristoffersen outside of competitions.

“The Norwegian Ski Federation wants to use the resources for activity and a good sporting effort,” says Alpine Sports Director, Claus Johan Ryste. “Therefore, we are pleased that we agree on a solution that enables the focus to be directed towards the best possible results in the alpine hill.”


Kristofferson has been at odds with his national ski federation over the terms of his contract with Red Bull for the past several seasons. Norway has famously strict regulations regarding the sponsorship of individual athletes, with federation sponsors granted rights to headgear sponsorship over those of an individual, unlike most other nations. Another Norwegian Red Bull athlete, Aksel Lund Svindal, was unable to wear his traditional Red Bull helmet in his final season on the World Cup.

“The dialogue around this agreement has been constructive and good,” he continued. “It has been unaffected by the legal rounds in Oslo District Court. This is a sporting solution that both parties are happy with and which both parties want.”

With this new agreement, Kristoffersen is still part of the national team. The Norwegian Ski Federation has accepted Kristoffersen’s desire for a separate health and fitness program outside of races, managed by father and trainer Lars Kristoffersen. The federation will covers expenses for coach Einar Witterveen, who will follow Kristoffersen during the season, as well as an extra assistant for six months from September 1. Kristoffersen may also, during the agreement period, continue his bottle agreement with Red Bull.

“I am very pleased that the association has met my desire for an individually adapted sporting regime outside the season, and that the Red Bull agreement can be continued for three new years,” said Kristoffersen. “This is optimal for me, and the long-term perspective of the agreement is also important. The federation’s facilitation is crucial for me to be able to perform completely in the world peak in the years to come.”

Release courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Federation.