SKI ALPIN - DSV, Training, DamenLast week while filming new episodes of “Behind the Scenes” in Hintertux, Austria, FISAlpine had a chance to chat with last year’s overall World Cup runner-up Maria Hoefl-Riesch of Germany about her summer and plans for the upcoming season.

FISAlpine: Hi Maria, how has your summer been? Are you ready for the new season?

Maria Hoefl-Riesch: “I was in in South America for five weeks, first in Argentina for some slalom and giant slalom training and than we moved to Chile for downhill and super G. We had pretty good conditions so I am feeling ok. My skiing is not the best yet, but I am working on it and I hope that as soon as the season starts I’ll be able to put down some good performances.”

FISAlpine: We met you on a far from sunny day in Hintertux. Is it hard to find good training in October?

MHR: “We always look where we can find the best conditions and we ended up coming to Hintertux from Moeltall because the weather there got so bad we couldn’t train. Here in Hintertux, it’s not perfect and sunny but we could still do some runs. The slope is very well prepared and the terrain is good. It’s important to ski in different conditions and on different terrains.”

FISAlpine: What do you get out of training on days with tough conditions?

MHR: “It is important to train in conditions that are not ideal because you never know what you can have in a race. It can be bad visibility or snow that is not perfect, and you still have to race and do your best. So, it’s important to work on getting comfortable in those conditions while training and make the most out of every day.”

FISAlpine: Soelden is just around the corner, are you excited about the new season?

MHR: “I’m not 100 percent ready yet but we are putting the final touches on the set up and I’m working on finding the right feeling for racing. I try my best as every year but at the same time I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I already won a lot of medals and globes but it would still be nice to have another successful season. My plan is to try and take it easy, and maybe that will be the best way to win something.”

Release courtesy of FISAlpine

Photo: Maria Hoefl-Riesch departs the Moelltaler Glacier for better training in Hintertux (credit: GEPA/Andreas Pranter)

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