Resi Stiegler and Tim Jitloff win Sprint/Ski Racing Junior of the Year awardsNow in its 30th year, the Sprint/Ski Racing Junior of the Year Award is one of the sport’s great traditions, the only award of its kind, given every year to two outstanding juniors (one male, one female) nominated and selected by a panel including Ski Racing editors and U.S. Ski Team alumni.

This year’s winners, Resi Stiegler and Tim Jitloff, were honored at the annual parent-athlete banquet at the U.S. Alpine National Championships at Mammoth Mountain, California. Each received a silver platter engraved with the names of the former winners (see below).

Jitloff thanked his parents, while Stiegler thanked her serviceman and then gave emotional recognition to the late Shelley Glover, a teammate who was killed in a ski accident last spring.

Jitloff is a product of the Sugar Bowl Ski Team, while Stiegler is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Both spent time with the Park City program before jumping to the European ski scene, and both ski on Dynastar (where the U.S. race director is Tim Curran, himself a former recipient of the award).

75 Steve Mahre 75 Leslie Leete Smith
76 Eric Wilson 76 Christin Cooper
77 Dave Stapleton 77 Heidi Preuss
78 Scott Hoffman 78 Tamara McKinney
79 Mike Farney 79 Tamara McKinney
80 Mark Tache 80 Noel Lyons
81 Tiger Shaw 81 Brenda Buglione
82 Steve Hegg 82 Eva Twardokens
83 Jesse Hunt 83 Eva Twardokens
84 Jesse Hunt 84 Diann Roffe
85 Tim Curran 85 Carter Payne
86 no award 86 Hilary Lindh – Krista Schmidinger
87 Tommy Moe 87 Sally Knight
88 Jeremy Nobis 88 Heidi Voelker
89 Tommy Moe 89 Kim Schmidinger
90 Ryan North 90 Julie Parisien
91 Paul Casey Puckett 91 Katherine Davenport
92 Mike Makar 92 Katherine Davenport
93 Chip Knight 93 Kristina Koznick
94 Forest Carey 94 Kjersti Bjorn-Roli
95 Wisi Betschart 95 Sarah Schleper
96 Justin Johnson 96 Kirsten Clark
97 John Minahan 97 Jonna Mendes
98 Brad Hogan 98 Jonna Mendes
99 Marco Sullivan 99 Caroline Lalive
00 Marco Sullivan 00 Julia Mancuso
01 Jake Zamansky 01 Julia Mancuso
02 Steven Nyman 02 Julia Mancuso
03 Jeremy Transue 03 Julia Mancuso
04 Ted Ligety 04 Lindsey Kildow
05 Tim Jitloff 05 Resi Stiegler

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