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2017 SlalomĀ Junior World Champion Camille Rast has been suffering from mononucleosis since the spring, which has made normal season preparation impossible, and the Swiss skier has decided to skip the Soelden World Cup later this month. The illness causes, among other things, phases of great fatigue. For the tech skier, this means that she had to take a long training break in the summer and could only train in the fall.

“After my very good 2016-17 season, I was really looking forward to the start of the training in spring,” explained the Swiss skier. “When I got the diagnosis at the beginning of June, it was mentally difficult for me to interrupt my training program from day to day. The worst was the uncertainty about how long this condition would last.”

At the beginning of August, the B-team athlete was able to start again with light sporting activities.

“One month later, my health had stabilized and I was able to take up my specific training program,” said Rast. “Although I feel better from day to day, I decided to consult with my supervisor, to forgo the World Cup season opener.”

“Camille Rast has not been able to complete enough ski days in the past few weeks to catch up with the backlog from the summer. A start in Soelden would be too early,” says Head Coach Hans Flatscher. “We must first adjust the training intensity, duration and load so that she can return to full capacity and return to the World Cup.”

Release courtesy of the Swiss Ski Federation

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