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There are 16 male and 14 female athletes who have been offered space on the 2019-20 Norwegian alpine national teams. Norway as an alpine nation has never had more athletes on the national teams than last winter with 36. The number of athletes ranked top 100 in the world, athletes performing at World Cup, Europa Cup, Junior World Championship, and FIS races, shows a historically wide range of Norwegian alpine sports talent on both the women’s and men’s side. The number of athletes on national teams for the coming season must be reduced due to savings on the financial side.

“The Norwegian federation must do this to ensure better operation,” said Sports Director Claus Johan Ryste. “This means that this year’s roster had extra hard competition. The Norwegian team will continue the practice of athletes performing in the European Cup before getting into teams during the season.”

New Names for Teams

The names of the various levels of the national team for the coming season is based on a new division, with the former European Cup and World Cup statuses given new names. For next season, the associated A, B, and C teams will be introduced. The difference between the groups is based on world ranking. To give an athlete A status, top 15 rankings in one discipline are required, B status requires top 30 rankings, as well as coach scores, while C status is the rest of the athletes being scored.

The reason for this change is the Norwegian federation wanting a greater flexibility in the programs as an alpine nation with more athletes performing on different branches and levels. The most important thing is the training program for the individual athletes and practice shows that training groups and status can be two different things throughout the season. A, B, and C status is something the Norwegians want to build on for the future, and they understand that it will take some time to get used to a new set of teams, but for athletes and coaches, day-to-day practices will not change, explains Ryste.

Alpine national teams season 2019-2020:
A status, women

  • Ragnhild Mowinckel, Sports Club Rival
  • Nina Loeseth, Spjelkavik IL
  • Kristin Anna Lysdahl, Asker Ski Club
  • Thea Stjernesund, Hakadal IL

B status, women

  • Mina Fuerst Holtmann, Bærums Ski Club
  • Kajsa Vickhoff Lie, Bærums Ski Club
  • Maren Skjoeld, Gjøvik Ski Club
  • Maria Tviberg, Geilo IL
  • Kristina Riis-Johannessen, Ready
  • Kaja Norbye, IL Heming

C status, women

  • Marte Monsen, Aron Sports club
  • Marte Berg Edseth, IL Heming
  • Hannah Sæthereng, Harestua IL
  • Kristiane Bekkestad, Ål IL

The selections were made by Tim Gfeller, Erik Skaslien, and Claus Johan Ryste. The Alpine Committee has approved the selections.

A status, men

  • Leif Kristian Nestvold Haugen, Lommedalen’s IL
  • Kjetil Jansrud, Peer Gynt Alpin
  • Henrik Kristoffersen, Rælingen Ski Club
  • Alexander Aamodt Kilde, Lommedalen’s IL
  • Rasmus Windingstad, Bærums Ski Club
  • Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, Stabæk IF

B status, men

  • Sebastian Johann Foss Solevag, Spjelkavik IL
  • Jonathan Nordbotten, Ingierkollen / Rustad Slalåmklubb
  • Bjoernar Neteland, Fana IL
  • Timon Haugan, Oppdal alpine
  • Lucas Braathen, Bærums Ski Club

C status, men

  • Bjoern Brudevoll, Hemsedal IL
  • Fabian Wilkens Solheim, IL Heming
  • Atle Lie Mcgrath, Bærums Ski Club

The selections were made by Steve Skavik, Johnny Davidson, and Claus Johan Ryste. The Alpine Committee has approved the selections.

Landscape para elite alpine:

  • Jesper Saltvik Pedersen, Plogen IL
  • Marcus Grasto Nilsson, Ready

The selections have been made by Hans Blattmann, Einar Witteveen, and Claus Johan Ryste. The Alpine Committee has approved the selections.

Release courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Federation.

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