NorAm events will draw skiers from U.S., Europe{mosimage}November in Colorado also sees the start of the NorAm season. Walt Evans, national competition director for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), says calls are coming in from Europe. “We’re starting to see really strong interest in the mid-November races,” says Evans, “including a lot of national teams that like to use those races as time trials for the World Cups in Park City.”

Skiers from schools such as Burke Mountain Academy, Green Mountain Valley School and Rowmark Ski Academy will spend the middle portion of November in Colorado, training and getting ready for the NorAms. They would do well to make sure their equipment complies with all of the FIS standheight and boot-thickness requirements. Evans points out that race officials will be testing more often this year, thanks to a push by the U.S. Ski Team to get testing machines in North America so elite athletes could test early and often. Jesse Hunt, USSA’s alpine director, says he expects to see testing going on at the regional FIS level this season.

A new element for the NorAms this year will be an elimination race in Collingswood, Ontario — similar to the knockout race seen on the World Cup last season. “The USA and Canada will name four men each to fly to Collingswood to compete in the team dual,” says Evans. There they’ll meet up with the women for a Nations Cup race, decided in a dual knockout format.


11/24-25 Winter Park, Colo. SL, SL
11/30-12/1 Park City, Utah GS, GS
12/8-14 Lake Louise, Alberta DH, DH, SG, SG
1/3-6 Mt. Ste. Anne, Quebec GS, GS, SL, SL
2/20-26 Big Mountain, Montana DH, DH, SG, SG
2/29-3/1 Panorama, British Columbia SG, SG
3/9-13 Collingswood, Ontario GS, GS, SL, SL (Dual KO)

11/15 Beaver Creek, Colo. SL
11/18-19 Winter Park, Colo. SL, SL
12/8-9 Beaver Creek, Colo. SG, SG
12/17 Lake Louise, Alberta DH, DH, SG, SG
1/6 Sunday River, Maine GS, GS, GS, SL, SL
2/22-28 Big Mountain, Mountain DH, DH, SG, SG
3/9-12 Mt. Tremblant, Quebec GS, GS, SL, SL
3/13 Collingswood, Ontario SL (Dual KO; selected men)

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Jun 7 2004
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Jun 7 2004
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