Goetschl making hay at Cortina win second super G win; Kildow secondRenate Goetschl from Austria knows all too well that while the sun is out, she should be making hay. Once again, the sun was out at Cortina, Italy and Goetschl took full advantage, winning her second straight super G. Despite finishing in the top five all season, Goetschl had not won a race. However, she had an inkling that her fortunes would change on her favorite course, having won here five times previously.

Goetschl charged down the famed Olympia delle Tofane course with a time of 1.13.98 to just get by the surging American, Lindsey Kildow by 0.08 seconds. The two were light years (by Cortina time standards) ahead of third place finisher Silvia Berger from Austria, who finished .65 seconds in arrears of Kildow.

The 17 racers in the DNF column could attest that the snow was harder and faster than in Wednesday’s race and the set more challenging, but it doesn’t seem to matter what configuration of gates is on the hill for Goetschl. “What can I say? This really shows that I am back in top form,” said Goetschl. “Who could imagine it really, that I would enjoy a double win. I’ve finally made it and I’m back. It’s really an exciting feeling.”

The win vaults Goetschl into the lead of World Cup super G standings with Kildow in second, but second doesn’t sit well with Kildow. A small mistake cost Kildow the win, and the lead in the super G standings. Kildow already leads the downhill standings, but she announced on Wednesday that the super G title is a goal of hers too. No American has ever won it.

Early in the course, Kildow entered a shady section and hit a gate with her left shoulder. The impact caused her upper body to rotate wildly, and she lost pressure on her outside ski. Her tails slid out, but she got back into her tuck, and at the first interval was only 0.09 seconds out of first (Kildow was running 23rd).

Attacking the rest of the sun-dappled course, Kildow built up speed with her aggressive line and frequent tucking. At a subsequent interval, she was 0.51 ahead, and at the finish she was 0.65 seconds on top of the field. Throwing her arms in the air, she shook her head with surprise that she could be leading after such a mistake.

Kildow held on to the lead through several racers, including Austria’s Michaela Dorfmeister, the only skier ahead of Kildow in the super G standings. Neither Dorfmeister or France’s Carole Montillet-Carles were able to slay the lower portion of the course like Kildow had.

Then Austria’s Renate Goetschl, wearing bib number 30, did just that, stealing the win from Kildow and leap-frogging over the young American in the discipline standings.

Kildow reflected after the race, “I made a lot of mistakes in the top section and that is where I lost the race.” She added, “Sure, it’s great to be consistently in the top five but after winning my first race, I am hungry for another one and I’m not comfortable making so many mistakes.”

Once again five Americans were packed into the top 20 with Julia Mancuso 13th , a resurgent Jonna Mendes 15th, Caroline Lalive 16th, and Kirsten Clark 20th. Libby Ludlow, who recently returned to Europe after convincing the trainers that her bruised knee was better, placed just out of the points in 33rd.

Finland’s Tanja Poutiainen is clinging to the overall World Cup lead, despite not running in the speed events, but Janica Kostelic from Croatia (10th) and Anja Paerson from Sweden (DNF) have closed the gap and are now tied for second in the overall standings.

Kildow, the 2004 Sprint/Ski Racing Junior of the Year, has been crushing the women’s World Cup this year. She leads the downhill standings. Only two more downhills (to be held in Cortina this weekend) stand between the World Cup’s speed racers and the world championships, two weeks from now in Bormio, Italy.

World Cup

Women’s super G
Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
Jan. 14, 2005

1. Renate Goetschl, AUT 1:13.98
2. Lindsey Kildow, USA 1:14.06
3. Silvia Berger, AUT 1:14.71
4. Carole Montillet-Carles, FRA 1:14.77
5. Ingrid Jacquemod, FRA 1:14.79
6. Alexandra Meissnitzer, AUT 1:14.84
7. Martina Ertl, GER 1:14.85
8. Karen Putzer, ITA 1:14.94
9. Hilde Gerg, GER 1:14.99
10. Janica Kostelic, CRO 1:15.00
11. Tina Maze, SLO 1:15.06
12. Katja Wirth, AUT 1:15.08
13. Julia Mancuso, USA 1:15.17
14. Michaela Dorfmeister, AUT 1:15.29
15. Jonna Mendes, USA 1:15.34
16. Caroline Lalive, USA 1:15.37
17. Elisabeth Goergl, AUT 1:15.39
18. Kelly Vanderbeek, CAN 1:15.43
19. Genevieve Simard, CAN 1:15.50
20. Kirsten Clark, USA 1:15.51
21. Fraenzi Aufdenblatten, SUI 1:15.52
22. Petra Haltmayr, GER 1:15.62
23. Isolde Kostner, ITA 1:15.68
24. Martina Lechner, AUT 1:15.71
25. Emily Brydon, CAN 1:15.74
26. Janette Hargin, SWE 1:15.78
27. Nadia Styger, SUI 1:15.92
28. Sylvaine Berthod, SUI 1:16.16
28. Brigitte Obermoser, AUT 1:16.16
30. Wendy Siorpaes, ITA 1:16.26
other North Americans:
33. Libby Ludlow, USA 1:16.36
35. Brigitte Acton, CAN 1:16.43
37. Sophie Splawinsky, CAN 1:16.60
DNF: Allison Forsyth, Anne Marie LeFrancois, CAN; Bryna McCarty, Sarah Schleper, USA.


By Hank McKee

Women’s SG, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Jan. 14, 2005
Skier, skis/boots/bindings
1 Goetschl, Salomon/Salomon/Salomon
2 Kildow, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
3 Berger, Fischer/Fischer/Fischer
4 Montillet-Carles, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
5 Jacquemod, Salomon/Salomon/Salomon
6 Meissnitzer, Volkl/Tecnica/Marker
7 Ertl, Rossignol/Nordica/Rossignol
8 Putzer, Rossignol/Lange/Rossignol
9 Gerg, Volkl/Lange/Marker
10 Kostelic, Salomon/Salomon/Salomon

Women’s super G-2, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy 1/14/2005 – It is the 19th race of the women’s 32 race (plus 1 cmb) World Cup schedule. … It is the fifth of eight scheduled SG’s. … It is the second of a four race speed set at Cortina. … Winning margin is just 8/100ths. … Top racers are within the same second.

It is the 35th career win for Renate Goetschl. … Most among active female racers. … It is her second win of the season and second in three days. … It is her seventh win and 16th podium scored at Cortina.

It is the sixth career podium for Lindsey Kildow. … Her fifth of the season. … Her eighth top five in nine races scored this season. … In four scoring races at Cortina she has been 2nd (’05), 3rd (’04 dh); 4th (’05 sg1) and 5th (’04 dh).

It is the third career podium for Silvia Berger. … Her first of the season. … She was 7th in the first ’05 Cortina SG 1/12. … Her best previous result at Cortina in five additional races was 15th.

It is the seventh time this season Julia Mancuso has placed 13th or better. … It is her second best career Cortina result the best a 10th in SG 1/14/04. …It is the best result of the season for Jonna Mendes. … Her career best finish of fifth cane at Cortina 1/18/03 (& St Moritz ’03). … 15th matches her third best career Cortina finish. …It is the ninth scoring finish of the season for Caroline Lalive. … Her 15th at Cortina. … It is the fourth scoring finish of the season for Kelly Vanderbeek. … The seventh of her career. … Her seven scores have cone at just three sites: twice at Lake Louise, twice at St Moritz and three times at Cortina. … It is the eighth scoring result of the season for Genevieve Simard. … the 45th of her career, 19th in SG. … She won the Cortina SG 1/14/04. … It is the 10th scoring result of the season for Kirsten Clark and her second straight 20th place finish. … It is her 17th scoring result at Cortina. … She was second at Cortina DH 1/18/03. … It is the seventh scoring result of the season for Emily Brydon. … her ninth c
areer scoring result at Cortina. … Her best (9th) at Cortina came in SG1 this season 1/12/05.

Tanja Poutiainen (did not race) leads the World Cup overall standings 706-659 for both Anja Paerson (DNF) and Janica Kostelic (10th). … Lindsey Kildow in sixth with 565 pts is the top American. … Renate Goetschl has the SG lead 309-290 over Kildow. …Julia Mancuso in 13th with 109pts is the next American on the SG list.

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