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Former Springer Tournee winner Jochen Danneberg has stepped down from his post as jumping coach for Project X, and is moving to take a  position with the Dutch National Ski Team.

The 57-year-old trainer will provide direction in working with young jumpers in Holland. In addition, he will work with with Dutch women jumpers on the Continential Cup circuit.

Project X Director, Alan Johnson told said this week that Jochen’s job will be filled by two U.S. jumping coaches serving different roles. Johnson said that Casey Colby, a Lake Placid native, will continue to work for NYSEF and the East as well as for SJDUSA and Project X as Development Coach and Program Director. Former Olympian Clint Jones will serve as Technical Coach traveling with the top jumpers at international competitions, as well as helping with the NSF program in Park City, Utah.

Johnson praised Danneberg’s work.

“While Jochen did a great job for us for three years and we wouldn’t be where we are without him, we now face bigger needs across the board with less money. With two coaches, who are not full time, we can have a consistant presence in both the East and the West and provide more consistant coaching to a greater number of athletes.”

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