Jens Byggmark races at the 2013 World Cup Finals. GEPA/Christian Walgram

Jens Byggmark races at the 2013 World Cup Finals. GEPA/Christian Walgram

It is now clear who will join Sweden’s national team for the 2014-15 season. Eight men and ten women comprise Group 1 on the World Cup circuit heading into next winter.

Overall, it’s an impressive roster that was named by sports director Anders Sundqvist on Friday (May 9). 

“If we look at last season and weigh in the results these athletes achieved, it is undeniably an impressive group,” said Sundqvist. “The team will also be very open, where we also invite skiers that are not on the team for both training and competition. We believe this model to develop the men’s side, it will be an open environment, but at the same time a group of skiers who have shown a little extra or who we think have great potential to develop in a positive direction.”

The women’s side will return a junior for team next season. In total there are 35 athletes appearing in the different training groups.

Men’s Group 1: Axel Baeck, Andre Myhrer, Jens Byggmark, Mattias Hargin, Hans Olsson, Markus Larsson, Matts Olsson, Anton Lahdenperae.

Men’s Group 2: Calle Lindh, Douglas Hedin.

Team 2019: Fredrik Bauer, Albert Baeckman, Dan Axel, Hannes Grym, Gustav Lundbaeck, Felix Monsén, Mattias Roenngren, Max Gordon Sundquist.

Women’s Group 1: Jessica Lindell-Vikarby, Frida Hansdotter, Maria Pietilae Holmner, Anna Swenn Larsson, Emelie Wikstroem, Nathalie Eklund, Kajsa Kling, Magdalena Fjaellstroem, Sara Hector, Charlotta Saefvenberg.

Women’s Group 2: Lisa Blomqvist, Ylva Staelnacke, Paulina Grassl.

Women’s Junior Group: Vera Hakansson-Fermbaeck, Hildur Carlsson, Louise Jansson, Lisa Hoernblad.

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