Brother of World Cup champion Bode Miller hospitalized after motorcycle accident{mosimage}The brother of overall World Cup champion Bode Miller received substantial brain trauma as a result of a motorcycle accident on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 6. Chelone Miller, 22, is being treated by surgeons at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

“The possibility of 100 percent recovery is there, but now it’s a waiting game,” said a close family friend. “They removed a rather large section of the right side of his skull…There were certainly good signs when they got him through surgery.”

A sponsored snowboarder, Chelone Miller has been a guest of Miller’s satellite radio show. His childhood adventures are chonicled in Miller’s forthcoming autobiography. His name is Nathaniel Kinsman Ever Chelone Skan Miller.

Chelone Miller and a friend were riding their motorcycles on the Dyke Road, which is not far from the Tamarack Tennis Camp, the family’s property in Easton, New Hampshire. Miller, who was not wearing a helmet, fell behind his friend, who looped back when he realized Miller was no longer following and found Miller in a ditch.

“He was conscious, but had clearly hit his head on the pavement,” said the close family friend, who was reached by phone at home after having returned from the hospital.

Miller was taken immediately to the hospital, where he was sedated. His parents, Jo and Woody Miller, are with him there.

Bode Miller was in New York City at the time. “I’m quite sure Bode will be back in New Hampshire as soon as he can be,” said the close family friend.

The men’s alpine World Cup season starts on October 23, at Soelden, Austria. The last two seasons, the winner of that race has been Bode Miller.

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