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American women are just amazing. Especially when they band together. A day after putting two into the top five of a 10k-f in Gaellivare, Sweden’s World Cup, the U.S. squad captured its first ever podium in the four woman relay.

Norway I took the win, and that’s somewhere around six million of them for those gals, and Sweden was second, but it was USA in third, ahead of Norway II, Finland and Russia.

Holly Brooks came out for the opening leg and held tough for eighth place, well within range. Kikkan Randall got the second leg, recorded the fastest time of the leg and moved position, 8.2 seconds  behind Norway. Liz Stephens charged in the freestyle leg, kept the team ahead of Sweden and handed off to Jessie Diggins just 4.2 seconds behind.

Diggins skied the anchor and sprinted to the finish for the trophy and history. “I truly believe that our result today has everything to do with this team having such a strong group atmosphere. We all support and push each other to be our best every day. I know I race faster when I feel like I’m part of an amazing group of women/ We skied out hearts out and I am so proud to be a part of something this big.”

Gaellivare SWE
World Cup
Ladies’ Rel 4×5 km M
Nov. 25, 2012

Rank Bib Name Nation Time FIS Points
 1 NORWAY I      NOR 45:32.2
    SKOFTERUD Vibeke W     12:04.1  
    JOHAUG Therese     11:50.0  
    HAGEN Martine Ek     10:52.8  
    BJOERGEN Marit     10:45.3  
 2 SWEDEN I      SWE 45:51.6
    INGEMARSDOTTER Ida     12:05.2  
    BLECKUR Sofia     12:07.8  
    LARSEN Lisa     10:48.3  
    KALLA Charlotte     10:50.3  
    BROOKS Holly     12:15.8  
    RANDALL Kikkan     11:46.5  
    STEPHEN Elizabeth     10:48.7  
    DIGGINS Jessica     11:09.4  
 4 NORWAY II      NOR 46:00.9
    WENG Heidi     12:04.1  
    JACOBSEN Astrid Uhrenholdt     12:09.5  
    STEIRA Kristin Stoermer     10:50.8  
    KRISTOFFERSEN Marthe     10:56.5  
 5 FINLAND I      FIN 46:20.0
    KYLLOENEN Anne     12:12.5  
    NISKANEN Kerttu     12:02.6  
    ROPONEN Riitta-Liisa     10:48.6  
    SARASOJA-LILJA Riikka     11:16.3  
 6 RUSSIA I      RUS 46:42.8
    IVANOVA Julia     12:07.7  
    MEDVEDEVA Polina     12:29.7  
    TCHEKALEVA Yulia     10:58.0  
    KOROSTELEVA Natalia     11:07.4  
 7 FINLAND II      FIN 46:55.9
    SAARINEN Aino- Kaisa     12:12.6  
    GRUNDVALL Maria     12:27.0  
    AHERVO Laura     11:14.7  
    LAHTEENMAKI Krista     11:01.6  
 8 FRANCE      FRA 46:57.0
    JEAN Aurore     12:25.5  
    AYMONIER Celia     12:09.9  
    FAIVRE PICON Anouk     11:17.0  
    HUGUE Coraline     11:04.6  
 9 SWEDEN II      SWE 47:00.6
    WIKEN Emma     12:21.5  
    LINDBORG Sara     12:18.6  
    GRAEFNINGS Maria     11:13.2  
    ERIKSSON Mia     11:07.3  
 10 GERMANY      GER 47:12.7
    ZELLER Katrin     12:21.7  
    BOEHLER Stefanie     12:42.8  
    FESSEL Nicole     10:55.2  
    HERRMANN Denise     11:13.0  
 11 RUSSIA II      RUS 47:28.6
    SHAPOVALOVA Evgenia     12:27.7  
    TIKHONOVA Julia     12:37.0  
    DOTSENKO Anastasia     11:03.9  
    KHAZOVA Irina     11:20.0  
 12 POLAND      POL 47:30.9
    KUBINSKA Kornelia     12:31.3  
    KOWALCZYK Justyna     11:59.1  
    MACIUSZEK Paulina     11:19.0  
    JASKOWIEC Sylwia     11:41.5  
 13 ITALY      ITA 47:41.3
    DE MARTIN TOPRANIN Virginia     12:07.5  
    BROCARD Elisa     12:41.9  
    AGREITER Debora     11:22.8  
    PILLER Marina     11:29.1  
 14 CANADA      CAN 48:31.2
    CRAWFORD Chandra     12:37.0  
    JONES Perianne     12:36.8  
    GAIAZOVA Daria     11:18.9  
    MARSHALL Alysson     11:58.5  
 15 KAZAKHSTAN I      KAZ 48:31.3
    KOLOMINA Yelena     12:31.0  
    MATROSSOVA Marina     12:51.0  
    OSSIPOVA Tatyana     11:40.8  
    SLONOVA Anastasia     11:28.5  
 16 SLOVENIA      SLO 48:34.3
    VISNAR Katja     13:00.5  
    FABJAN Vesna     12:40.6  
    JEZERSEK Barbara     11:18.8  
    CEBASEK Alenka     11:34.4  
 17 SWEDEN III      SWE 49:03.5
    OEBERG Jennie     12:4
    HANSSON Jenny     12:55.4  
    DAHL Lisa     11:46.4  
    SUNDIN Marika     11:33.5  
 18 KAZAKHSTAN II      KAZ 49:32.9
    YATSKAYA Oxana     12:52.7  
    STOYAN Anna     12:50.0  
    SHEVCHENKO Anna     11:44.6  
    LANCHAKOVA Viktoriya     12:05.6

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Hank McKee
Senior Editor
In memoriam: The veteran of the staff, McKee started with Ski Racing in 1980. Over the seasons, he covered virtually every aspect of the sport, from the pro tours to junior racing, freestyle and World Cup alpine competition. He wrote the first national stories for many U.S. team stars, and was still around to report on their retirements. “Longevity has its rewards,” he said, “but it’s a slow process.”



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