The 24 hours of Moab, basically a punishing, only a serious athlete can even think about it endurance bike ride through the desert, is on for this weekend with a eye on raising a goal of $25,000 for the World Cup Dreams disability fund for injured athletes. … Right now, it’s a bit short of that mark.

The ride supports World Cup Dreams an outfit set up to help injured athletes who hadn’t reached their potential with the courage and dollars needed to get back into competitive shape. Originally set-up by former – and injured – US Ski Team athletes Erik Schlopy and Bryon Friedman  the organization is churning on its eighth year and working with another generation of ski racing athletes who need a helping hand to keep their dream alive.

Here’s a list of several athletes already helped by the organization and the injuries they fought to overcome:
Michael Ankeny: broken back two places, hermiated and bulging disks in lower back.
Thomas Biesemeyer: broken jaw, herniated disk, torn ACL and shattered thumb.
Adam Cole: Compound tibula/fibula break requiring four surgeries plus multiple shoulder dislocations and bulged and compressed disks.
Stacey Cook: MCL, concussion
Tommy Ford: broken clavical, bone bruises and concussions.
Travis Ganong: two meniscus surgeries, Broken clavical, shattered knuckle, broken hand, sports hernia and double shoulder dislocations.
Will Gregorak: concussion and surgeries on both feet.
TJ Lanning: (we’ll limit it to one season) Broken neck c5/c6 fused, fully dislocated knee, hip-labrium tear.
Cody Marshall: Severe traumatic brain injury, ACL/MCL meniscus damage.
Megan McJames: Ulnar radius, right wrist, UCL thumb, Labirum right shoulder.
Alice McKennis:  tibia plateau fracture.
Keith Moffat: ACL/Meniscus right knee, broken thumb, tibia plateau and 34 stitches in stomach.
Warner Nickerson: fibular head bone bruise
Steven Nyman: broken left abkle, broken right tibia and compressed l4/l5.
Andrew Philipps: broken left femur, torn meniscus.
Kiley Staples: ACL and meniscus
Laurenne Ross: fractured pelvis, sacrum, Coccyx, ACL and UCL and four shoulder dislocations.
Andrew Weibrecht: Broken tibia, torn ankle ligament, shoulder tear, rotator cuff and labral tear.

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Hank McKee
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