It’s that time of year where ski racers are trading in their ski boots for flip-flops and their speed suits for swimsuits. However, don’t let the dust settle just yet because it’s also time to plan for summer camp. Whether you’re jet-setting to the Southern Hemisphere or road-tripping to Mt. Hood, we have some pro-tips to help you make the most of your time on snow and some great camps to consider.

1. Come to camp in shape.

Summer camp–whether at Mt. Hood or in the Austrian Alps–is the time to make progress on your skiing. If you’re not in top physical condition, it’ll be tough to make the most of your time on snow. And, if you’re coming back from injury, make sure to tell your camp coaches, so they can tailor training to your comeback.





2. Get to know your expert coaches.

Even Olympians need to train in the summer and they often make appearances at summer ski camps as coaches. Take advantage of chairlift rides with these coaches by talking with about challenges you are having in slalom or their favorite workouts to get in World Cup shape.





3. Don’t forget to pack your winter layers.

When it comes to life in the mountains, summer does not always mean sunshine and warm temperatures. Mt. Hood is notorious for getting shut down with a storm rolls in and inhibits visibility. Don’t be caught unprepared for less-than-fair-weather days. Back your pants, puffy coat and anything else you need to stay warm.





4. Bring sunscreen, a water bottle and a swimsuit.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s time for more traditional summer fun if you’re in the northern hemisphere. Ski camps often spend dryland time heading to the Hood River. Don’t forget to throw in your swimsuit and sunscreen along with your speedsuit. The sunscreen will come in handy on the slopes, too. The water bottle is a 24/7 resource. It’s easy to get dehydrated. Just remember “ABS,” Always be sipping.





5. Don’t be afraid to test yourself.

Test skis. Test drills. Test your courage. Without the pressure of having to finish a race run, summer camp is a great time to experiment. Testing works best when you have a goal to work towards, so it is important to be clear about what you hope to accomplish at camp.





6. Get a solid night’s sleep.

Who doesn’t love the freedom of being away from home? It’s fun to hang out in the bunk rooms with your friends until the middle of the night. However, lack of sleep will kill your energy for the next day. Set yourself up for success by getting a full night’s sleep.





7. Bring your skis prepped and ready to go…

…And take care of them while you are up there. The salted slopes of Mt. Hood are great for training, but tough on your skis. Plus, as you all know, having tuned skis allows you to get the most out of your training time.





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What tips do you have for surviving summer camp? Share them in the comments below for first-time campers.

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