On January 21st, 2020, Italy’s Dominik Paris tore his ACL after crashing in super-G training prior to Friday’s big race in Kitzbuehel on the Hahnenkamm.

According to the Italian Federation, Paris slipped on a turn and crashed. X-rays and MRIs at a clinic in Kitzbuehel showed that the ACL had ruptured in his right knee. He also received a microfracture in the head of his fibula.

“My season ends here,” he told the Italian Federation. “Unfortunately, while I was sliding the inside ski took too much snow and the ligament broke. There is not much to add. In the next few days, we will evaluate, together with the medical staff the damage. “

Paris is set to return to his home in Italy and decide the best route to recovery, as his season has come to a close.

Paris is currently ranked second in the World Cup downhill standings, fourth in the overall standings, and fifth in the super-G standings.

Information courtesy of the Italian Federation of Sport.