Each spring Keely’s Camp takes a group of teenage girls on an Arctic Expedition to the beautiful Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland, only a few miles from the Arctic Circle. The group focuses on backcountry skiing between remote fjords, anchoring in different harbors along the way. Girls Moving Mountains takes you on the journey of seven girls and three coaches experiencing Iceland, backcountry skiing in the mountains and sailing the Arktika. The goal of Keely’s Camp is to empower, inspire, educate and connect the next generation of girls in skiing.


Girls Moving Mountains from Ski Racing Media on Vimeo.

Although born and raised in the Midwest, Susie Theis knew it was only a matter of time before she would live in the mountains. She’s been obsessed with visual storytelling since the first time she set foot in a darkroom and can’t say no to an adventure. You’re sure to find her traveling, skiing, or sailing whenever possible. Contact her for further information on video production and editing, classifieds, subscriptions, and online advertising (including camps and academies).