Gear Guide: Poc Skull Orbic Comp SPIN

The FIS approved and ultimate race helmet, Skull Orbic Comp SPIN, takes high speed, oblique falls and repetitive impact protection to another level. The patent pending deflector panel uses a combination of technologies, EPP and VPD 2.0, to minimize the energy transmitted to a skier’s head from repeatedly hitting gates or during a fall. The deflector panel is also reinforced with and Aramid Penetration Barrier (APB) which improves the safety and integrity of the helmet.

Featuring POC’s patent pending rotational impact protection system, SPIN, the internal shearing pads will reduce the effects of an oblique impact by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain. SPIN works by allowing pads placed inside the helmet to shear in any direction during an oblique impact, a process inspired by the brain’s own internal protective system, cerebrospinal fluid, which cushions the head during a fall. By using the innovative and unique pad technology, SPIN pads allow the helmet to move relative to the head during a fall, reducing the force transmitted to the brain.


  • FIS RH 2013 certified.
  • POC SPIN to increase protection against rotational impact.
  • VPD 2.0 deflector panel for enhanced protection against repeated impacts.
  • Aramid anti-penetration integrated in the deflector panel.
  • Updated ABS shell.
  • Multi-impact EPP liner with improved fit.
  • Fixed goggle clip.
  • Ear chambers designed to improve balance and hearing.
  • Compatible with POC’s Maxilla break away chin guard for Slalom (Sold separately).
  • CertifiedEN 1077-A, FIS RH 2013, ASTM F2040
  • Weight 690g
  • Sizes XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL

MSRP: $400.00


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