Gear Guide: Holmenkol Racing Mix Cold

24971_RacingMixCOLD_150gRacing Mix COLD is a highly fluorinated paraffin wax for Alpine and Nordic applications. Designed with serious amateurs and professional athletes in mind, this race wax is applied over a layer of base wax (Alpha-, Beta or Ultra Mix), thus forming an ideal basis for applying the final layer of finish wax.

  • For fine to coarse and abrasive snow
  • Snow temperature: -10° to -18°c
  • 1X150g
  • MSRP $100

The Racing Mix collection was developed based on different blends of highly fluorinated waxes with the addition of new and innovative materials that have proven successful in the World Cup during the past 7 years.  The name reflects this product’s origins in the best and most successful HOLMENKOL World Cup blends.

Holmenkol has a new transparent molybdean material, which is directly included in the new range.  So there is no need to mix in molybdean.  GW 25 can still be used in high air humidity. Simply blend it into the new Racing Mix collection or other types of wax.



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