Gear Guide: Fischer RC4 World Cup GS M/W FIS

It’s all about hundredths of a second, and it’s about technique – in terms of both athlete and equipment. With the Fischer World Cup package we support the best racers in the world, where subtle nuances make a difference in the battle for podium finishes. Even the tiniest of details can have a major impact – nothing can be left to chance. With the CURV BOOSTER plate Fischer revolutionizes power transfer in the turn. This Special construction was developed together with athletes from the World Cup and enable unrivalled power transfer. This ski meets all FIS/USSA rules and regulations.


  • Lengths and radius:  193 30 meter radius, 188 30 meter radius


  • Cury Booster World Cup Plate
  • Laminate Sidewall Construction
  • Diagotex Carbon Ti Technology
  • World Cup Tuning (extremely precise WC level Finishing)
  • Concave Sidwall
  • FIS/USSA Aprroved 18/19

MSRP $1,149 without Bindings

Recommended Bindings for Adult Skis

  • RC4 Z 20 FF Race Service din 10-20 MSRP $500
  • RC4 Z 18 FF Race Service din 8-18 MSRP $500
  • RC4 Z 16 FF Race Service din 8-16 MSRP $500
  • RC4 Z 17 FreeFlex Din 6-17 MSRP $400.00        




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