Gear Guide: Blizzard Firebird WRC and WC Piston Plate

The Blizzard Firebird WRC is the top model in the Firebird line and is best characterized by fasten your seatbelt power and a rock and roll attitude.  It is the perfect ski for anyone looking for a precise and ultra stable race style ski that loves long radius, high speed turns.  The magic under WRC’s hood are the carbon technologies (C-Spine and C-Armor) combined with a Double Titinal Sandwich Compound Sidewall construction to deliver a ride that dreams are made of.  The WRC brings a whole new meaning to the term, “Racers… Start your engines.”


  • Lengths:  170, 175, 180, 185 cm
  • Plate: Comes with Piston plate or system plate

MSRP:  $1200 WC Piston Plate (No binding), $1320 (with Xcell 14 binding)


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