Gear Guide: Blizzard GS Racing

GS RACING_8A602900001Has your junior racer outgrown the Blizzard JR GS race line? Are the Adult selections still too intimidating? Then the Blizzard GS Racing 177 (23 m), and ALL NEW 184 GS (25 m), is just right for the progressing U16 athlete.  Designed with a softer flex than their adult counterpart, and the addition of the Marker Piston Plate, the Blizzard GS Racing delivers a stable and powerful ride that is easy to control for the lightweight athlete.


  • Lengths: 177, 184
  • Radius: >23.0M (177cm); >25M (184cm)


  • Flat with Plate

MSRP $900

Race Price: $549.95