Gear Guide: Blizzard GS FIS Race Dept

GS FIS-RACE DEPT_8A600700001The Blizzard GS WC Race, 35 m (men’s) and 30 m (women’s) skis are nothing short of world class. Fast, powerful and unrivaled stability defines these Blizzard race skis. The race tip profile allows easy turn initiation to carve the top of the turn on even the roughest terrain. 100% F.I.S. approved.


  • Lengths:  183, 188, 190, 195cm
  • Radius:   30 m (183 & 188cm); 35 m (190 & 195cm)


  • Plate: Marker Piston WC Plate


GS FIS World Cup: $1260

Race Price

GS FIS World Cup: $749.95