Gear Guide: Marker Announces New Xcomp Binding

Marker athlete, New Zealand’s Alice Robinson.

The new Marker Xcomp 18 racing binding is set to hit the market during the 2019/20 season. The latest entry from the Bavarian binding specialist draws on the best aspects of its two predecessors, the Race Xcell and Comp.

The new Xcomp delivers uncompromising power transfer while also allowing more forgiveness as the skier navigates the race course. With its new single piece toe design, the Xcomp utilizes the proven 3-hole screw pattern from the venerated Comp bindings.

With the elimination of the front toe bracket, the toe piece is now screwed directly to the ski, a proven favorite for many World Cup athletes around the world. This connection method repositions the interface closer to the boot for optimized power transmission and turn initiation.

Performance is further enhanced through two important features adopted from the Xcell: the toe and heel pieces on the Xcomp are built with high-quality magnesium components, and the tried- and-true X-shaped damping mechanism – the XCell piston – absorbs the quick jolts and bumps on rough terrain, promoting a safe and comfortable ride with optimal control. A Teflon gliding AFD keeps the interface between the boot and binding smooth and even.

“This new binding brings forth the very latest inputs from the World Cup, with smoother handling that enhances the skier’s ability to make a split-second recovery,” says Michael Mangold, Head of R&D for Marker.

Deliveries of the new Xcomp 18 to authorized Marker retailers will begin in time for the 19/20 racing season.

Key features of the new Marker Xcomp include:

• DIN Settings: Xcomp 18: 8-18
• Toe and heel pieces built from high-quality magnesium components • 3-hole screw pattern in new toe piece
• Two additional shock absorbers in toe piece
• Teflon gliding AFD

About Marker

For six decades and counting Marker has been synonymous with innovation and protection in skiing. Hannes Marker patented the world’s first safety release binding back in 1952. In the 1970s his M series with automatic heel release revolutionized the bindings market. The trail of innovation for this company from Penzberg, Bavaria reached new heights in 2007 with the freeride- and freestyle-oriented Duke, and has continued since then with the ongoing expansion of the Royal Family. Working in cooperation with several of the world’s largest ski brands, Marker has pushed development of both its own world-class innovations but also system bindings that form a perfect unit with the skis. Marker also expanded its product portfolio during the 12/13 season with the launch of Protective Snow Equipment, covering helmets, goggles and protectors.

Release courtesy of Marker.

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