After French speed skier David Poisson died in a training crash last week at Nakiska, Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) opened a brief investigation. According to L’Equipe, the RCMP found no evidence of criminal activity and completed its investigation.

Poisson went through the safety netting on course and hit a tree. Police say the team doctor was on the scene quickly and attempted to resuscitate him. Paramedics declared him dead at the scene, according to CBC News.


Fabien Saguez, the French Ski Federation’s National Technical Director, visited the slope in the days following Poisson’s death, saying it was “an unfortunate accident.”

A representative from the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, Matt Mosteller,  told CBC that the teams take care of their own training and set their own courses, adding “It’s just horrible that this has happened and really our hearts are torn apart by it and our thoughts and prayers are with his family in France.”

Saguez and David Chastan, director of the French Men’s Alpine Ski Team, met individually with all the French athletes following the accident and all of them made the decision to start in the first speed World Cup of the season at Lake Louise, Canada. Downhill training runs begin on Wednesday.