Ski Race Director – Berkshire East

The Ski Race Director at Berkshire East is tasked with overall management of our alpine racing program. The position is winter only, but opportunities to have it be extended to summer time ops at Berkshire East’s industry leading DH bike park, rafting company, zip or within one of our other summer activities exist.

· The Race Director should be prepared to lead a large Race Department staff in all aspect of race, competition and event management and host race events across all levels

· Foster an atmosphere of respect and courtesy between coaches, parents, athletes, resort employees and the public

· Work to grow our winter activities and operations

· Ensure a strong emphasis on the guest service aspects of our program

· Ensure the program adheres to all aspects of our safety protocols

USSA certifications and credentials are required. Competitive compensation based on experience. Berkshire East is located close to the Vermont border in Western Massachusetts.

For more information or to apply, visit

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