Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Letters to the Editor

Letter: NCAA skiing as a pipeline – a single experience

Articles that have come out surrounding this issue all have one thing in common: they have some serious truths. However, I think...

Letter: US Ski & Snowboard is responsible to all

The outpouring of emotion and passion from the heart of young athletes is awesome. I encourage more young athletes to speak out about their experiences.

Letter: Why the U.S. Ski Team is not the dream team

The day I joined the National Training Group was the day I began to question my love for ski racing. My entire...

Letter: A wake up call to NCAA athletes, coaches, parents

This in no way represents the US Ski Team's position, this is my opinion and my personal experience from years of competing...

Letter: My perspective on USST, NCAA

The United States Ski Team and their view on college skiing has been a very controversial topic for years. From my perspective...

Letter: Choices are always difficult

I am writing to express my opinion on the recent articles about the development differences between the USST and NCAA. I am...

Letter: History of American Independents

Thanks to Edie Thys Morgan for writing and to Ski Racing for publishing, on June 17, the article, American Independents: Class of...

Letter: Collegiate skiing and the U.S. Ski Team

Collegiate skiing has a long and storied history in the United States, from the Dartmouth Outing Club hosting the country’s first ski race on the slopes of Mt. Moosilauke in 1927 to Bob Beattie moving from CU to coach the National Team in 1961, and then starting the World Cup in 1967.

Letter: US Ski Team myopia

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to the USST for its lack of cooperation with the collegiate system.

Letter: USST’s failure to American athletes

The article “USST, NCAA butt heads over NorAm schedule” is nothing new to me, but the arrogance surrounding Tiger Shaw is appalling....

Letter: Chip is right

In my opinion Chip (Knight) and Todd (Brickson) are on the right track when it comes to managing the number of starts for our developing athletes.

Letter: Accessibility is key to ‘Best in the World’

There is no doubt ski racing is too expensive even for many affluent families. I became hooked on ski racing as a...

Letter: Give our most dedicated athletes the best chance to succeed

This is offered in unapologetic support of those who have found a love of ski racing. Those who have discovered the joys...

Letter: Great article and discussion on proposed number of FIS starts

Great article and discussion on the proposed number of race starts for FIS racers. The dialog was interesting for sure... lot of...

Letter: Limiting starts is not the job of a committee

After reading the article on the arguments over race starts it is nice to see we still have coaches capable of making...

Letter: USSA should buy Burke

My suggestion is forUSSA (alpine only) to buy Burke Mt. Ski Area from the government and turn it into  a major eastern...

Letter: Do we want to limit races or increase participation?

Do we want to limit races or do we want to increase participation? I have no idea the magic bullet but I do think that somehow limiting the arms race of parental spending would be a start to increasing participation.

Letter to the Editor: Skicross Could be the Engagement Boost FIS and U.S. Skiing...

Skicross combines head-to-head excitement with a myriad of skills also found in alpine racing. Should we be giving it a better look?

Letter to the Editor: A Fresh Proposal for Parallel Paneled Slalom

Richard Rokos thinks outside the box for growth and evolution in ski racing.

Letter to the Editor: Advocating for Accessibility in Ski Racing

A long-time college coach chimes in on the development discussion.

Letter to the Editor: Current Troubles with US Skiing Stem From Decades Old Issues

"The lack of depth we are experiencing an outcome of Marolt’s focus from about 2002-2015."

Letter to the Editor: U.S. Ski & Snowboard Plans For Future Success

Leadership at the national governing body speaks out on U.S. development projects.

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