Seven Fs for Ski Racing Success

Bad attitude about ski racing? Looks like you need the Seven Fs.

What Ski Racers Can Learn from George Costanza

In order to succeed in ski racing, sometimes you have to go against your instincts.

The Taylors are Officially a Ski Racing Family (at Least for Now)

Yep, it's official, we're a family of ski racers.

The Trials and Triumphs of a PG Year

Post-graduate years aren't always sunshine and rainbows, here's how to make the most of yours.

Alpine Ski Racing is One Brutal Sport

When it comes to tough sports, ski racing takes the cake.

Six Attitudes Parents Should Instill in Their Ski Racers

Ski racing success starts with attitude.

Are You a REALLY Committed Ski Racer?

Committed ski racers do the things most others don't.

What’s Right with U.S. Ski Racing

Let's close out 2018 on a high note.

The Norwegians Say Ski Racing is a Team Sport (and What the U.S. Can Learn from Them)

There's been a lot of talk about team culture this past year, what can we learn from the team that does it best?

Hey Ski Coaches, Continue Being Part of the Solution

Last week was parents. This week we look at how coaches can do better.
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Latest News

Italian Downhill Lion, Hanna Schnarf, retires

Schnarf, 35, competed on the World Cup speed circuit for 16 years.
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Unpacking the success of the Italian women’s alpine team

The Italian women dominated the World Cup season, with 23 podiums and eight wins, earning the Nation's Cup.

Luke Winters and the long, unconventional pathway

How one ski-racing twin brother separated himself and broke onto the World Cup.

NCAA D1 Council will not extend eligibility for winter athletes

The NCAA has spoken — and it will not be granting another year of eligibility to winter athletes whose seasons were cut...

Video: Ski Racing this Week hosts virtual Nastar Nationals

On Sunday, April 5th, Ski Racing this Week's Jimmy Krupka went live on Facebook with NASTAR pacesetters Marco Sullivan and Andrew Weibrecht, as well as head honcho, Bill Madsen.

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