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National Alpine Ski Camp (NASC)

Address: 27500 E Timberline Road Timberline Lodge, OR 97028

Phone: 1-303-875-1405



We have been operating ski based training camps for over Three decades now, to create the ultimate camp experience for you and your family, both on and off the mountain with our programs.

We offer a unique itinerary to compliment the on snow time with cool after-ski activities. In our ski race training camps we ski in the mornings and do summer activities in the afternoons. We provide Safety fun and learning while skiing and while doing all the other activities.We also do extensive video analysis and tech talks to prepare you to get on the podium!


Our Ski camps coaches are amazing and teach the sport and its techniques in a safe and fun learning environment. The skiing levels range from intermediate to expert. You get an opportunity to learn new skills and improve your technique and race tactics at camp. To become a better skier, it is important to strive for excellence through improved fundamental skills and that is where NASC steps in. Our proficient team of amazing coaches offer affordable Ski based training camps to children, teenagers, and adults with improvement guaranteed at all of our camps.

Locations: Mt. Hood and Copper Mountain

Ages: 9-18


Our camps provide ski warm-up followed by stance, skills work and freeskiing mixed with gate drills and courses. This proven format allows the racers to simultaneously work on fundamental skill development, modern racing tactics and strategies on each run. Each evening ski groups meet with their coaches for a video movement analysis. This process provides NASC athletes with a model and a solid understanding of what to practice during the next morning’s warm-up time.

Each day of training, NASC campers participate in several aspects of ski training. Our gate progressions (of graduating difficulty) and athlete-centred methodology allow the NASC athletes to develop skills and confidence while having fun and running lots of gates.NASC understands that being a ski racer and having the skills and knowledge to coach are two different paths. We hire only the best and our philosophy is safety, fun and learning…in that order.

Notable Alumni: Thomas Vonn, Chris Brigham, Barry Galvin, Seth Mcadam,

Notable Coaches: Brad Alire, Van Brassington, Barry Galvin

Mount Hood:

SESSION 1: 6/11- 6/20

SESSION 2 – 6/22-7/1

SESSION 3-  7/3-7/12

Cost: Starting at $1,995  for the Day Program and $2,495 for all inclusive program

Contact: Brad Alire, director

Coach to Athlete ratio: 1:6

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