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Overview:A mix of summer ski training and other fun summer activities is the best way to continue building your repertoire of skills. Our Summer Camp Series provides a variety of camps all summer long. Our Elite and Youth Series Foundations Camps are the most important and cornerstone offering in our Summer Series. If you can only commit to one camp this summer this is the camp for you! The goal of this camp is to solidify and refine an athlete’s basic skiing skills in a fun-filled team environment. This camp sets the “foundation” for our summer curriculum, long term athletic growth, and skill acquisition.

MHRTA Summer Camps are about improving your skiing. Summer is the best time to work on foundational skiing skills. It’s a fact that long breaks off the snow will impede your technical development resulting in regression of any skills that are not mastered. Our Summer Series programming provides the balance and cyclical schedule to optimize development for your age group. If you are committed to long-term athlete development, want to gain a competitive edge on the competition and want to see what’s possible from yourself, you must capitalize on this opportunity.

Outside of On Snow Training, Athletes Can Expect: 

Extra-curricular activities are limited to recovery, rest and relaxation. We want your best efforts on the hill and we expect athletes to be well rested and recovered each morning. We encourage naps, walking recovery, cold water plunges and fun, low-key team activities. We spend afternoons tuning skis, testing equipment and preparing for the next day’s training session. We conduct evening chalk-talks to discuss and better understand the next day’s training sessions. We match the early morning summer schedule with an early to bed sleep schedule to keep our athletes rested, healthy and motivated. Off days include team games, hikes, movies, swimming and other local activities.

Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon

Dates: Various Dates between June 15 – August 24

Cost of Camp: Camps Prices Vary – Consult our Website for Additional Information

Ages: Family Camps (U8-U10) / Youth Series (U10-U12) / Elite Series (U14 and Older)

Coaches: Seth McCadam, Karen Lundgren

Notable Alumni: Luke Winters (US Ski Team), Zach Simmons

Coach to athlete ratio: 1:6

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