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ELITEAM Conditioning Camps & Clinics

Address: 47 Kew-Vasseur Rd Vermont 05673 

Phone: 802-793-5055 


OVERVIEW: ELITEAM Conditioning camps are specifically designed for athletes ages 8 to 14. ELITEAM’s unique approach teaches young athletes the importance of Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sports Nutrition. Celebrating its 27th year, ELITEAM is high energy with non-stop action and is all about pushing limits, learning new skills and having fun. ELITEAM’s goal is simple: to develop healthy, confident and complete athletes.

SPORTS PHYSIOLOGY- PSYCHOLOGY- NUTRITION: ELITEAM’s focus on fun AND education is what makes it unique. For over 25 years, ELITEAM’s mission has been to educate and inspire young athletes. Through its hands-on approach, ELITEAM involves the athlete in the education process. Activities such as rock climbing, ropes courses and race situations are used to teach focus, mental imagery skills and stress management. Running, agility workouts and ski-specific exercises are used to understand the body’s physiological functions. And by baking bread, energy bars and other healthy snacks, and nutritionally evaluating a variety of foods, the athletes discover how diet can affect their health and performance.

ACTIVITIES: A wide variety of cross-training activities are used to improve each athlete’s power, strength, balance, agility & coordination. Sample workouts include dryland slalom, ropes courses, sand pits, slack lining, ski-specific exercises, obstacle courses, rock wall climbing, hiking, soccer, yoga, team-building games, crazy relays, funky dance, circuits, leg routines, USST exercises and more! In addition to the workouts, daily notebook sessions cover the fundamentals of Sports Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. Athletes will also visit the kitchen for a lively cooking class and nutrition workshop!

WHO ATTENDS: ELITEAM is for high-energy kids who love the outdoors and are involved in competitive sports. Many of the campers who attend are young ski racers, but any young athlete is welcome. For optimal performance, all athletes need to know how to train their muscles, fuel their bodies and learn how to keep a strong and positive mindset. It’s called being a complete athlete, and that is ELITEAM’s focus! So no matter what competitive sport your child participates in, the skills learned at ELITEAM benefit any and all athletes.

GIRLS POWER CAMP (GPC): In addition to ELITEAM’s classic camps, ELITEAM now offers girls-only overnight camps. This program launched in 2016 and was a huge success! The GPC sessions, lead by Kelley Lewis and an all female staff, remain true to ELITEAM’s commitment of teaching young athletes about Sports Physiology, Psychology and Nutrition. However, at this camp, these topics are viewed through the lens of a female athlete. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a focused path forward in which the girls can more easily tap into their inner strength and confidence, and are inspired to push their limits with a strong body and powerful mind. GPC “POWER HOUR” WORKSHOPS: In between workouts, the GPC program includes “Power Hour” workshops designed to inspire personal growth and promote a positive mindset. The workshops teach skills that will help the girls navigate the challenges of their sport and daily lives with a feeling of confidence and empowerment. Sample topics include Self-Awareness, Stress Management, Women’s Nutrition, Body Image & The Female Athletes Body, Support Networks, and Positive Mindset.


Olympian Doug Lewis, co-creator of ELITEAM camps, is a two-time U.S. Olympian and World Championship medalist. Doug has been extensively involved in World Class athletics as a ski racer, coach, broadcaster, motivational speaker and spokesperson for over 30 years. He has dedicated himself to passing on his winning knowledge of sports and competition to young athletes.

Kelley Lewis, ELITEAM’s Director, is the driving force behind ELITEAM’s continued success, coordinating all aspects of the camps for the past 25 years. Kelley also created and leads the ELITEAM Girls Power Camps, a new and exciting addition to ELITEAM’s line up of programs. Kelley is a former ski racer as well. Her ski racing career took her all the way to the starting gate of a World Cup Downhill in Lake Louise, an exciting day as a “Crazy Canuck”! After hanging up her race skis, she has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire every ELITEAM athlete. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with additional certification as a Youth Exercise Specialist.

CAMPER-COACH RATIO: Approximately 45-50 athletes attend each camp/clinic. A 4:1 ratio of campers to coaches at all camps ensures personal attention for every camper.


Waitsfield, VT: ELITEAM’s overnight camps in Vermont are held at the Green Mountain Valley School. All campers and staff stay overnight in the dorms.

Lake Tahoe, CA: This year ELITEAM is excited to offer a 2-day clinic in Lake Tahoe! The clinic will be hosted at Sugar Bowl Academy in June.


CA Clinic: June 25-26, 2018 (ages 10-14)
VT World Cup 1: July 9-14, 2018 (ages 11-14)
VT World Cup 2: July 16-21, 2018 (ages 11-14)
VT Europa Cup: July 25-28, 2018 (ages 8-11)
VT Girls Power Camp: Aug. 1-4, 2018 (ages 11-14)


CA (day camp) Clinic- $200
World Cup (overnight) camps- $1275
Europa Cup (overnight) camp- $800
Girls Power Camp (overnight) camp- $850

Ski Club ELITEAM Clinics:

ELITEAM provides Clubs with one or two-day dryland clinics held at the Ski Club locale. Through challenging and fun ski-specific exercises, together with some classroom work on Nutrition and Psychology, ELITEAM motivates and educates young ski racers to hit their Summer or Fall training schedule with renewed energy, focus and determination.

Contact: Director Kelley Lewis

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