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Cardigan Mountain School Summer Ski Camp


Cardigan’s summer racing camp focuses on fundamentals, volume in gates, repetition, ski miles, and fun! The goal of the camp is to ski more while focusing on key technique adjustments so when the competitive season comes, the athlete is ready and ahead of the game. As always, fun is a priority. Athletes ski better when they are having fun. We will work hard on improvements in the courses while balancing our overall love of free skiing. We chose Mammoth for its vast terrain, high quantities of snow, and ability to free ski the mountain, not just a narrow lane space covered in gates.

Development as a ski racing athlete is about repetition; the more skiing an athlete can do, the better! Summer camps have become an important element of ski racing. It is a time to really dissect an athlete’s technique and begin ingraining new habits without the pressure of an upcoming race. Our camp is high volume, high energy, and very fun.



  • 9 days on-snow, weather permitting.
  • We will take one day off in the middle of camp to recover and explore Yosemite National Park!
  • Mornings will be all about skiing! We will be living at the base of Mammoth, so everything is there for the taking: skiing, food, gym, tuning areas. We will train and free ski until the snow turns to slush in the summer heat. We will then have lunch, a break, and dryland in the afternoon. Our dryland training focus will be on agility, core, and games. The point of dryland is to recover from skiing, work on some fitness, and play games such as soccer, speedball, kickball, etc.



  • Julia Ford: 2014 Olympian, 10 year member of the Us Ski Team, Director of Alpine Skiing at Cardigan.
  • Travis Nevins: Collegiate All American, 8 years of experience coaching, Head Coach at Cardigan.
  • 5:1 Athlete to Coach ratio.


  • Cost of the camp is $3,000. This does not include airfare.
  • Airfare is on your own. Our coaches will coordinate pick-up and drop-off.

Coaches: Julia Ford and Travis Nevins

Coach to athlete ratio: 1:5

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