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Austria Racing Camps – Hugo Nindl


Overview:  We offer also full packages, so including training, lift ticket, hotel, etc. There is also supervision guaranteed for our minor aged athletes, in case that they would like to join us without any accompying adults.

Locations: Austria (Hintertux, Kuehtai, Stubai)

Ages: For all age groups (minimum age apprimately 7 years but depends on skiing level)

Coaches: Oliver Nindl, Christoph Praxmarer, Stefan Zlatarev, Marko Spoljaric, Jessica Neuner, Michal Kalwa and lots more.

Alumni: Mikaela Shiffrin (ÙSA), David Chodounsky (USA), Stephanie Venier (AUT -current vice world champion in Downhill), Werner Heel (ITA – worldcup racer), … and lots more

Dates: Summer Camps Hintertux: June 11th – August 12th, 2017; Slalom-Camp-Special in Skidome Neuss: August 06th – August 20th, 2017; Fall Camps in Hintertux: September 17th – December 02nd, 2017; Winter Camps in Kuehtai: December 3rd 2017 – end of April, 2018

Cost: Price on request as there are different prices depending season period

Contact:; +43 664 17 57 200