While many youngsters spend their summers chasing beach days, ski racers spend their summers chasing snow. They hunt for remaining runs in the Northern Hemisphere or head south of the equator, migrating to a different season all together. This approaching summer and fall, there are several domestic and international options for athletes looking for a range of experiences.

Those considering a ski academy for school might choose a camp hosted by one of their prospective institutions. On the other hand, skiers looking for an experience abroad could consider camps anywhere from Switzerland to Chile. With so many options, it may seem a little overwhelming to pick the best camp, but the SkiRacing.com Camp Directory is here to help you make that right choice.



Mt. Hood, Oregon U.S.A.

Huckleberry shakes, goggle tans, salted snow and adventure all await athletes at the classic summer training venue, Mt. Hood. Athletes generally stay in Government Camp, which for all intents and purposes, is run by young athletes testing skis and preparing for next ski season. It’s a ski racer’s paradise. The glacier in Oregon plays host to national team athletes and those just entering the sport during the summer, and the surrounding landscape provides amazing opportunities for dryland training like hiking and rafting.
















Alternate U.S. Locations

If Oregon is not your cup of tea, then California or Colorado might be more your speed. California resorts had record snowfall this winter, meaning ski areas like Squaw Valley will be open into July. This has created new summer training opportunities and everyone is invited to the party. These alternative locations in the U.S. are great options for athletes looking to check out a new hill or stay close to home in order to get some summer training.












There’s nothing quite like skiing in Europe, from the amazing training opportunities to the cultural experiences that occur when athletes immerse themselves in a foreign land. There are extensive options for families that want to send their children overseas during the summer and fall. Focused ski racing camps are offered in countries like Austria, France and Switzerland – several U.S. Ski Team athletes are alumni of these camps.















Southern Hemisphere

For true winter conditions, athletes need to head south of the equator to places like New Zealand or Chile. Down there, skiers can both return to chilly temps for training and also, if they’re old enough, enter some races. FIS competitions in New Zealand and Chile can be great opportunities to score points and try out new techniques and tactics that have been focused on in training.







Dryland camps are all about conditioning and making it fun. They provide an opportunity for young athletes to learn about physiology, sports psychology and nutrition in order to become stronger skiers. Athletes can do everything from sport-specific slacklining to swimming. At these off-snow camps, there are endless possibilities for enjoying summer weather and working towards fitness goals for the coming season.





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