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Waterville Valley Academy

Address: PO Box 277 Waterville Valley, NH 03215

Phone: 603-236-4246 x115


Founded: 1972

Sports: Alpine, Freestyle/Freeski, and Snowboard

Grades: 6 through PG

Category: Full year school with winter term option, Day school boarding

Application Deadline: 06/1/2019

Day School Cost: $40,448

Boarding School Cost: $53,045

Financial aid: Yes

Executive director/Head of School: Tory Amorello

Head of Academics & Student life: Gary Benedix

Academic Approach:The full-term program is available to elite-level student-athletes in grades 9 to 12. This program is designed to meet the individualized needs of each student, balancing academics with a rigorous training and competition schedule. Small class size and highly trained faculty are hallmarks of our program. WVA is also the only snowsports academy in the East offering Advanced Placement courses. For student in our winter term program the academic portion of their enrollment is dedicated to mirroring the curriculum of their home school, while providing intellectually challenging, individualized instruction. WVA also offers a five month Ski Academy experience oriented toward Middle School student-‑athletes. The goal is to create a developmentally appropriate academy to support middle school students during the athletically essential years between 11-­14.

Athletic Approach: Academy athletes are one of the few groups of athletes in the world who utilize the Burdenko Method of training, conditioning and recovery. Burdenko workouts integrate the six essential qualities of human performance: balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, speed and strength and focus on body weight as opposed to overuse of exercise machines that isolate muscle groups. Our success rate in dramatically increasing all six qualities in snowsport athletes is unprecedented. Our new breed of athlete jumps quickly to levels higher than their peers at other snowsports academies. Our on-snow training consists of experiences around the world during the off-season and the fall. During the winter Waterville Valley Resort becomes our home and offers our athletes a variety of terrain and challenge. Students train rigorously with professional coaches dedicated to helping each student perform at their maximum potential. Through constant support and dedicated training programs, coaches help each student achieve mutually developed goals. Waterville Valley Academy is a USSA Gold Certified club.

Notable Coaches: Mike Savage, Alpine Program Director, Nate Jenckes, FIS Women Head Coach, Andy Gannon, FIS Men Head Coach, Rich Smith, Head U16 Coach, Jason Guilbert, Head U14 Coach, Tom Barbeau, Director of Human Performance

Notable Alumni: Hannah Kearney, Hunter Brayton, Pete Fucigna, Pete Anderson Jr, Hillary McCloy, Brian McLaughlin, Felix McGrath, Hunter Henderson, Grace Henderson, Nora Healey

Training Facilities: Waterville Valley Resort, Thomas Barbeau Training Center, Phil’s Hill Training Center

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