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Mt. Hood Academy


Founded: 1985

Grades: 7 through PG

Category: Winter term only academy

Application Deadline: 05/15/2019

Day school Cost:

Boarding school Cost: $22,000

Financial aid: Yes

Head of School: Seth McCadam


Academic Approach: Academics are an important and integral part of any ski academy. At MHRTA, our winter-term schedule allows for complete integration into each student’s hometown school and their hometown school’s academic plan. Our completely individualized online curriculum not only allows students to work at their own pace, it allows students to take the classes they need to support their own educational plan. We offer AP, Honors and standard middle and high school courses. We also provide access to online tutorial based courses to assist students needing extra help and support in specific areas of their curriculum. While our academic program at MHRTA is designed to support the rigors of ski-racing and multiple travel schedules, it is not an easy program and is not for everyone. Teachers work at the academy to support a structured schedule and supplement the online curriculum, grouping students for interactive teaching and learning sessions. Students learn to be self-directed, disciplined, and internally motivated to learn and complete school work both on site and on the road. Our online curriculum gives students complete access to their own academic program, working ahead before hitting the road, working on the road and managing their workload during peak racing periods to focus on their ski racing goals without distraction and stress. Academics is not the only educational piece at MHRTA. Mt. Hood Race Team & Academy creates an environment where real life skills are learned and practiced daily. Our small group of student-athletes live and work together for the entire winter term in a supervised, compassionate setting in the small town of Government Camp. Daily efforts teach leadership, acceptance, honest and direct communication, commitment and conflict resolution. The Academy Haus only runs smoothly through the coordinated efforts of adults and students to complete daily household chores and tasks. Through daily routines, individual and team efforts, student-athletes learn first hand the value of teamwork, sharing the load, and personal responsibility. It is not always fun, glamorous, or easy, but through the struggle, our team becomes a family bonded by our shared effort and success.

Athletic Approach: At Mt. Hood Race Team & Academy, our athletic system is grounded in the practical application of fundamental skills in sport and in skiing. The long-term development of our athletes is paramount to the successful implementation of our athletic program. We are a small program which allows us to focus on quality in everything we do. Our progression of skiing curriculum supports our overall and individualized developmental models. Our program size allows for individualism and implementation of a genuine holistic system to address the physical, mental and technical aspects of ski racing. We are a blue-collar program from humble beginnings and demand hard work and accountability. Our facilities aren’t brand new, shiny or modern … and we like it that way. Our student-athletes learn the intricacies of competing in a unique sport that requires both individuality and teamwork. We seek families and student-athletes whose values and work ethic supports our mission and the values of our program. A growth mindset is an important tool at Mt. Hood Race Team and Academy in an environment where failure is an outcome of learning and we all work hard to push ourselves and our teammates to see what’s possible. Ski Racers are unique – we like character as long as we share common values and commitment. With nine months on snow in our own backyard, we have a year-round skiing curriculum that provides quality and quantity with an eye on minimizing cost and travel whenever possible. We endorse multi-sport athletes and our on-site, localized program supports their efforts as they participate in their home-school and hometown sports programs.

Notable Coaches: Seth McCadam, Karen Lundgren, Corey Talbot, Max Tobler

Notable Alumni: Luke Winters (Current U.S. Ski Team Athlete), Zach Simmons, Melissa Nardone

Training Facilities: Mt Hood Race Team and Academy is located in the quiet town of Government Camp and conveniently located just a 10-minute drive from two ski local ski areas – Mt. Hood Ski Bowl and Timberline. As the home team at both areas, we enjoy a tremendous partnership that allows MHRTA to take advantage of the best that each area has to offer. Both areas provide our team with varied terrain to meet our training needs, excellent grooming support and a management team that loves and understands the needs of ski race training. At Mt. Hood Ski Bowl we have the added benefit of a dedicated on-site Team Building, lighted terrain and down-home charm. At Timberline we get early season snow, summer skiing on Palmer Glacier and the benefits of being the home team at the best alpine summer training venue in the U.S. Our Academy Haus includes an on-site gym with everything we need and nothing we don’t. We implement a Strength and Conditioning Program that includes Olympic Lifting, Strongman, a structured and personalized mobility program, and plenty of fun.

Core Values: Our Core Values: Integrity, Commitment, Learning, Teamwork, Fun We take our Core Values seriously as they are the foundation on which our program is built and functions. Every decision, development, and change in our program is weighed against our core. We seek families and athletes that support and live our core values.

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