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Park City, Utah


Founded: 2016

Head of School: Cody Marshall/Bob Bennett                                                      

Athletics: November to April with additional training camps during the prep-period.

Program Length: Online Business Building School: 800-1000 hours.

Grades: Higher level education

Program Type: Full year school with winter term option, Ski team with academic offering, Online school

Coach/Athlete Ratio: 1:5

Financial Aid: Yes

Application Deadline: 1/1/2018

Day School Costs: Ski Team $12,500

Boarding School Costs: Business School $12,500

Academics and Overview: GroundSwell Athletics offers a unique opportunity for post-graduate, collegiate, and post-collegiate ski racers to combine alpine ski racing with a scenario/experience based education platform that is focused on organizational and personal development. Our graduates acquire the fundamental skills that are necessary for long-term organizational and personal success, enabling them to continue their ski racing careers while simultaneously building a solid and flexible financial future. At GroundSwell we provide an education in the fundamentals of business based on proven, repeatable academically validated frameworks, tools and intellectual property that predict financial success. By combining the student’s education with real life experience and opportunity, GroundSwell creates a deep understanding of all its content. GroundSwell gives students the opportunity to learn, execute, and implement their work with real business owners as a “GroundSwell Fellow”. This approach allows students to see how their knowledge is applicable not only to the task at hand, but to all future endeavors. There are significant career development and employment opportunities for all our graduates.



Athletic Approach: GroundSwell Athletics is a high-level ski program led by a former word-cup ski racer, Cody Marshall. Cody's program is focused on developing, refining, and executing on the fundamental skiing/ski racing skills that are required for success. GroundSwell is in the process of developing an elite NorAm team that will be focused on winning at the NorAm level and securing world cup starting rights for the following season. GroundSwell will provide the necessary infrastructure and support for athletes who are looking to move on to world cup competition. GroundSwell Athletics has summer camps in May and June which are a great way for prospective GroundSwell student/athletes to get an introduction in to what we do at GroundSwell, both as a ski team and as a business school. Our summer camps have been a popular option for collegiate athletes who want to take advantage of a quality training environment while simultaneously working on career development opportunities. An article from on our 2016 camp at Mammoth:

Notable Coaches: Cody Marshall

Notable Alumni: Warner Nickerson, Julia Ford, Cody Marshall

Training Facilities: Park City Mountain Resort

Additional Info: GroundSwell’s online business school is separate from the athletics department and is open to anyone 17 years or older. Notable students include: Jonathan Nordbotten, Warner Nickerson, Julia Ford, Scott Macartney, Tommy Ford, Will Brandenburg, Kevin Francis.