World Cup News

Retired downhiller Urs Lehmann joins candidate pool for FIS President

At the end of the 2019-20 season, Gian-Franco Kasper steps down, making room for new leadership.

Italian Downhill Lion Hanna Schnarf retires

Schnarf, 35, competed on the World Cup speed circuit for 16 years.

Passing the time on social media

Some of your favorite athletes from across generations have taken to social media to entertain and share some happiness during the quarantine.

Sweden’s Andre Myhrer, Matts Olsson retire

Swedish tech stars Andre Myhrer and Matts Olsson have opted to retire at the end of the 2019/20 season. Both athletes had...

Nina Haver-Loeseth announces retirement after comeback season

The 31-year-old Norwegian missed out on 2018/19 due to injury. Now, after earning a couple more top tens int the 2019/20 season she has chosen to end her career.

Fritz Dopfer announces retirement

The 32-year-old has chosen to end his career after a long battle with injuries.

Sports Ed

A Ski Racer’s Quarantined Workout – Part 2

Nothing outside of ski racing itself can emulate the actions and forces one encounters while slicing through slalom gates or flying down a super G course, but we can do ourselves an extraordinary favor and better prepare for these circumstances through effective training methods.

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My retirement story: It’s not always easy

Hanging up the race skis is an inevitable point in any skiing career.

Taylor: Use mental imagery to replace the on-snow training during COVID-19

With ski season coming to an abrupt end, use mental imagery to continue to develop your skiing technically, tactically, and mentally away from the hill.

Letter: USSA should buy Burke

My suggestion is forUSSA (alpine only) to buy Burke Mt. Ski Area from the government and turn it into  a major eastern...

Letter: Do we want to limit races or increase participation?

Do we want to limit races or do we want to increase participation? I have no idea the magic bullet but I do think that somehow limiting the arms race of parental spending would be a start to increasing participation.

Taylor: Ski racing meets COVID-19: what to say, what to do

We humans don’t like disruptions in our lives. We like to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; in fact,...

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