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Win in Levi, name your reindeer

1496The organizing committee of the Levi World Cup announced it will award its winners prize money and flowers this year, but they will also add something quite extraordinary. In November, the World Cup winners at the Levi slalom races will also receive an authentic and original Lapland reindeer as a prize.

The winners will name their own reindeer, after which they can follow their reindeer’s movements and adventures in Lapland during winter via pictures and social media. The winners also have the opportunity to greet their reindeer each year during the World Cup Levi event.

Prize reindeer are raised by Johanna Hietanen from Ounaskievari Reindeer Farm. These lovely creatures are young animals born last spring.

Hietanen is enthusiastic about the prizes.

“We are looking forward to create the new reindeer family for Levi. There will be no new ones during the first year but in the future the reindeer family of Levi will have new members for sure. We hope that this is a start for the long-lasting co-operation. The reindeer itself is an important part of Lapland and its visibility,” Hietanen said.

Feature photo credit: GEPA/Christopher Kelemen

Release courtesy of FIS News

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