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Vonn clenches season super combined title in second at Tarvisio, Maze wins

It came down to the third and final World Cup super combined of the season today (March 4) in Tarvisio, Italy. A second-place finish was enough for American Lindsey Vonn to take the 2011 super combined title from previous leader, German Maria Riesch in third today.

Slovenian Tina Maze took today’s win, the first combined victory of her career, with a combined time of two minutes, 13.54 seconds, 0.18 seconds ahead of Vonn, who was never happier to finish second as she jumped for joy in the finish area. Riesch was 0.55 seconds back to finish third on the day as well as in the combined standings. With a second-place finish last week and today’s win, Maze landed second in the season combined standings.

This season’s combined title could have gone to several women today. Coming into today’s race Riesch, the overall leader and winner of last week’s combined in Are, had a five-point advantage over Vonn (winner of the season’s first super combined in Val d’Isere) and Austrian Elizabeth Goergl (fifth today), who were tied for second. Vonn, who lost the discipline lead with a sixth-place finish in last weekend’s super combined, finally secured the title with 220 points, eight points ahead of Maze and 15 points ahead of Riesch.

It is Vonn’s second super combined season title, her first came just last season.

“It feels awesome, it was a great day,” said Vonn. “I knew it was really close with Maria only five points a head of me, I knew I had to ski a great slalom run if I wanted to get the title.”

Continuing her recent trend, Maze, who stood fifth after the morning downhill, had a monster second run down the Di Prampero slalom course, coming down to crush the previous lead by 1.74 seconds. None of the top four first-run leaders could catch her as the recently crowned GS world champion claimed her first World Cup win of the season and the tenth of her career.

“I’m very proud of this, I had never made it on to the podium of a super-combined before this season,” Maze told Reuters. “Today I knew I had a chance and I tried very hard because I had a lot of fans from Slovenia, which is just across the mountain.”

The start for the morning downhill leg was run from the same lowered position that was used on Wednesday’s training run in a light snow storm. Continued snow accumulation canceled yesterday’s training run. The lowered start took about 30 seconds off the course. The snow and fog were long gone today as sunny skies and temperatures climbed to around freezing for the afternoon slalom leg.

Vonn led the morning downhill leg by 0.42 seconds and came out of the slalom start house with a 0.79-second lead on Maze. Though she couldn’t match Maze’s intensity on the slalom course, her downhill lead server her well as she claimed her seventh career discipline season title. Vonn currently has three downhill titles (2008, 2009, 2010), two super G titles (2009, 2010) and two super combined titles (2010, 2011) as she continues to fight for her fourth consecutive overall globe.

“I just came out fighting. I don’t think it was a pretty slalom run but I made it down and I was aggressive the whole way,” said Vonn, who has struggled on the slalom course this year with four consecutive first-run DNFs in World Cup slaloms. “I’ve bee struggling a lot in slalom this year and have been training well, especially in the last few weeks, but I just haven’t been able to put it through on race day. Today, I knew I had nothing to lose and I had to go out and take the title if I wanted it, and believe me I wanted it badly.”

With eight races remaining on this season’s World Cup schedule, Riesch maintains a 176-point lead on Vonn in the overall standings (1576-1400). Vonn owns the lead in both the downhill (103 points) and super G (131 points) standings ahead of Reisch with both those events ahead this weekend.  

“I got some good points today,” Riesch told the Associated Press. “It wasn’t enough for the globe, which is a little bit sad, but I didn’t have a great slalom run and Lindsey deserved it today.”

“There are definitely some titles on the line this weekend, both downhill and super G,” said Vonn. “At this point in the season I don’t have much to lose, Maria is quite a bit ahead of me in the overall title hunt. I’m skiing relaxed and having fun and like I have nothing to lose, so I’m still positive and have a good attitude.”

Vonn’s title win was the cherry on top of a great day for the U.S. Team as all five American women skied to top-20 results. Julia Mancuso put down the fourth-fastest slalom time to jump from 14th in the downhill leg to sixth. Leanne Smith recorded her second-best World Cup career result in ninth place. Laurenne Ross and Stacey Cook finished 19th and 20th, respectively.

“The girls were all in communication today and they knew they had to be smart,” said U.S. head coach Alex Hoedlmoser. “This was obviously great results for the whole team. Having everyone in the top 20 and three in the top 10 is awesome. Everyone is pumped for tomorrow’s downhill.”

After pulling out of last weekend’s super G half way down the course with a hurt knee, Swede veteran Anja Paerson looked as strong as ever today with a fourth-place finish after standing third in the downhill portion. Early in the week, MRIs came back negative for any damage of the knee and Paerson rejoined her team for physical therapy in Tarvisio.  

Racing continues Saturday with a downhill. A super G is scheduled for Sunday, March 6.

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By Hank McKee
Women’s World Cup combined, Tarvisio, Italy, March 4, 2011

Skier, skis/boots/bindings
1 Maze, Stoeckli/Lange/Atomic
2 Vonn, Head/Head/Head
3 Riesch, Head/Lange/Head
4 Paerson, Head/Head/Head
5 Goergl, Head/Head/Head
6 Mancuso, Voelkl/Lange/Marker
7 Borsotti, Head/Head/Head
7 Schnarf, Voelkl/Lange/Marker
9 Smith, Rossignol/Lange/Rossignol
10 Fischbacher, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic

Women’s World Cup combined, Tarvisio, Italy, March 4, 2011
. …  It is a make up race from Sestriere where it was originally scheduled Jan. 30 and succumbed to heavy snow and fog. … Originally scheduled as a super g-slalom event, it is held as a downhill-slalom. … It is the 27th race on the women’s 38 race schedule. … the second combined scheduled and third of three to be held. … eight races remain (2dh, 2sl, 2gs, 2sg) on the women’s slate. … Prior to this race Maria Riesch leads the combined standings by five points over Lindsey Vonn and Elisabeth Goergl, tied in second 145-140.

It is the 10th career World Cup win for Tina Maze. … her first in combined. … It is her second podium at Tarvisio having placed third in super G Feb. 22, 2009. … It is her second win of the season, the other the gold medal in the World Championship GS.

It is the 77th World Cup podium for Lindsey Vonn. … her 10th in combined. … It is the third time she has finished second at Tarvisio. … She also has a win at the site (DH, Feb. 21, 2009) in four scored races. … It is her 14th podium of the season including a silver medal at Worlds (DH).

It is the 57th career World Cup podium for Maria Riesch. … her eighth in combined and second in combined at Tarvisio having won Feb. 20, 2009. … It is her 17th podium of the season including two bronze medals at Worlds (SG&DH).

It is the 51st career top six placing in World Cup for Julia Mancuso. … Her sixth in combined. … It is her fourth top six at Tarvisio hacing scored three podium results in 2007 (2nd CMB, 1
st DH, 3rd SG). … It is her 11th top six of the season including a silver medal (SG) and a 6th (DH) at Worlds. … Leanne Smith misses her career best by one placing and .11 of a second. … It is her second best placing of the season after an eighth in SG at Cortina Jan. 21. … It is the 10th best career Cup placing for Marie-Michele Gagnon. … and her second best in combined. … It is her seventh best placing of the season. … Laurenne Ross matches her second best career Cup placing overall and in combined. … She matches her second best result of the year, the best a 16th in SG at Worlds. … It is the 25th top 20 Cup placing for Stacey Cook’s career. … matching her third best career combined placing. … and her third best of the season.

Riesch leads the World Cup overall standings 1576-1400 over Vonn with eight races remaining. … Tina Maze is third overall with 807pts. … Gagnon is the top Canadian overall in 27th place with 195pts. … Lindsey Vonn wins the World Cup combined title 220-212 over Maze. … Riesch is third at 205. … Mancuso makes the top 10 in eighth place with 88pts. … Gagnon leads Canada in 15th with 48pts. … Austria leads the women’s Nations Cup standings 3882-3018 over Germany. … The US is third with 2667pts. … Canada 10th with 433pts.

Rank Bib FIS Code Name Year Nation Run 1 Run 2 Total Time FIS Points
 1  22  565243 MAZE Tina  1983  SLO   1:28.94  44.60  2:13.54  0.00
 2  20  537544 VONN Lindsey  1984  USA   1:28.15  45.57  2:13.72  1.52
 3  21  206001 RIESCH Maria  1984  GER   1:28.57  45.52  2:14.09  4.65
 4  16  505483 PAERSON Anja  1981  SWE   1:28.66  45.73  2:14.39  7.19
 5  18  55576 GOERGL Elisabeth  1981  AUT   1:29.45  45.83  2:15.28  14.72
 6  12  537545 MANCUSO Julia  1984  USA   1:29.70  45.71  2:15.41  15.82
 7  33  297134 BORSOTTI Camilla  1988  ITA   1:29.88  46.43  2:16.31  23.44
 7  15  296427 SCHNARF Johanna  1984  ITA   1:30.13  46.18  2:16.31  23.44
 9  2  538305 SMITH Leanne  1987  USA   1:29.54  46.88  2:16.42  24.37
 10  30  55750 FISCHBACHER Andrea  1985  AUT   1:30.00  46.53  2:16.53  25.30
 11  13  515766 SUTER Fabienne  1985  SUI   1:30.38  46.22  2:16.60  25.89
 12  27  196812 PELLISSIER Marion  1988  FRA   1:30.46  46.18  2:16.64  26.23
 13  3  206323 STIEPEL Isabelle  1990  GER   1:30.26  46.40  2:16.66  26.40
 14  8  515747 GISIN Dominique  1985  SUI   1:30.05  46.69  2:16.74  27.08
 15  11  55690 HOSP Nicole  1983  AUT   1:30.84  46.16  2:17.00  29.28
 16  17  55759 KIRCHGASSER Michaela  1985  AUT   1:30.64  46.41  2:17.05  29.70
 17  9  565320 FERK Marusa  1988  SLO   1:30.58  46.55  2:17.13  30.38
 17  7  105269 GAGNON Marie-Michele  1989  CAN   1:30.83  46.30  2:17.13  30.38
 19  5  538573 ROSS Laurenne  1988  USA   1:30.18  47.02  2:17.20  30.97
 20  42  537582 COOK Stacey  1984  USA   1:29.34  47.88  2:17.22  31.14
 21  40  297702 MARSAGLIA Francesca  1990  ITA   1:30.05  47.25  2:17.30  31.82
 22  1  425880 SEJERSTED Lotte Smiseth  1991  NOR   1:30.88  46.57  2:17.45  33.09
 23  24  515782 ABDERHALDEN Marianne  1986  SUI   1:29.78  47.84  2:17.62  34.52
 24  32  296623 MAZZOTTI Lucia  1985  ITA   1:30.39  47.94  2:18.33  40.53
 25  41  55766 MADER Regina  1985  AUT   1:29.71  48.64  2:18.35  40.70
 26  43  55978 VOGLREITER Mariella  1989  AUT   1:29.18  49.18  2:18.36  40.79
 27  37  55913 MOSER Stefanie  1988  AUT   1:30.63  47.90  2:18.53  42.22
 28  29  505632 LINDELL-VIKARBY Jessica  1984  SWE   1:30.91  47.65  2:18.56  42.48
 29  19  55947 FENNINGER Anna  1989  AUT   1:30.91  47.74  2:18.65  43.24
 30  44  375018 COLETTI Alexandra  1983  MON   1:30.17  48.52  2:18.69  43.58
 31  38  516145 KUENG Mirena  1988  SUI   1:29.91  48.81  2:18.72  43.83
 32  26  297910 CURTONI Elena  1991  ITA   1:31.41  47.55  2:18.96  45.86
 33  4  155415 ZAHROBSKA Sarka  1985  CZE   1:31.67  47.30  2:18.97  45.95
 34  39  565369 KOBAL Ana  1991  SLO   1:31.06  49.62  2:20.68  60.42
 35  10  296008 MERIGHETTI Daniela  1981  ITA   1:30.40  50.44  2:20.84  61.77
 36  48  245066 MIKLOS Edit  1988  HUN   1:32.63  49.63  2:22.26  73.79
 37  46  35089 SIMARI BIRKNER Macarena  1984  ARG   1:34.68  48.24  2:22.92  79.37
 38  6  196460 MARCHAND-ARVIER Marie  1985  FRA   1:29.41  59.27  2:28.68  128.11
Disqualified 2nd run
   47  196573 REVILLET Aurelie  1986  FRA         
Disqualified 1st run
   35  515573 AUFDENBLATTEN Fraenzi  1981  SUI         
Did not start 2nd run
   50  106022 JANYK Britt  1980  CAN         
   49  495318 RUIZ CASTILLO Carolina  1981  SPA         
   45  515560 SCHILD Martina  1981  SUI         
   36  195983 ROLLAND Marion  1982  FRA         
   34  195671 JACQUEMOD Ingrid  1978  FRA         
   31  205218 REBENSBURG Viktoria  1989  GER         
Did not finish 2nd run
   25  516138 GUT Lara  1991  SUI         
   14  515997 FEIERABEND Denise  1989  SUI         
Did not finish 1st run
   28  55806 ALTACHER Margret  1986  AUT         
   23  196968 BAILET Margot  1990  FRA         

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