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USSA Unveils McKinsey Study Findings

USSA management will focus on three major areas: strengthening club support and services, improving communications and enhancing member support and services based on the findings of a major study of the organization by McKinsey&company.

After a successful 2010 winter games, the USSA board under the direction of Dexter Paine, its chairman, undertook to examine the organization, its focus and direction.  USSA enlisted the pro bono assistance of the globally-recognized consulting firm McKinsey&Company to work with a Steering Committee of USSA sport leaders to help evaluate the way support is delivered to athletes and parents through USSA clubs and development programs nationwide. McKinsey and the study’s Steering Committee were asked to consider several issues and offer recommendations for how USSA could be made better.

After conducting over 100 interviews across the organization with coaches, club and regional leaders, athletes and parents, as well as experts at other successful sports and non-profit organizations, significant support for evolving the USSA towards becoming a more club-based organization was found.
Implementation of the Steering Committee’s recommendations is already underway with staffing and resources committed to expanded programming and activity. Additional implementation will occur during the USSA Congress and Board Meeting in May according to Bill Marolt, USSA’s president and CEO.  Athletic director Luke Bodensteiner echoed Marolt, adding that USSA had recently hired Martin Guyer to be eastern regional coach as part of strengthening regional ties.

The study can be found on the USSA web site.  http://ussa.org/ussa/mckinsey-study

Image of Dexter Paine and Bill Marolt from USSA Chairman’s Award Dinner in 2009

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