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Trio of Swiss women shift to Stoeckli

The Swiss women’s national alpine team will have the majority of its top racers on Stoeckli skis next season after a three racer signing following head-to-head ski testing with other ski companies.

According to a report at Skionline.ch, Stoeckli president Beni Stoeckli Jr., announced the firm has signed Nadja Kamer, Fraenzi Aufdenblatten and Martina Schild to race on its product. With Stoeckli already supporting two top Swiss racers injured last season – Fabienne Suter and Andrea Dettling – the team will be heavily invested in the ski company, and visa versa.

During the Swiss championships Stoeckli, Rossignol and Volkl – for reasons of economy – held joint ski testing. Aufdenblatten said the result was the chance to ski two or three runs on one brand and then move immediately to a different brand. “I was impressed with how this little company, within the rule change of such a short time provided good material.”

Swiss race director Daniel Zueger said the decision to switch companies appeared to “trigger a domino effect.”

With Suter saying she is feeling good again and scheduled to return to snow in September and Dettling already back on on skis, the Stoeckli stable of Swiss athletes easily out weighs those of other companies.

Aufdenblatten previously skied on Rossignol. Kamer and Schild were both Voelkl racers.

The Stoeckli Swiss women’s team now includes four of the top six Swiss scorers from last season.

Photo of Fabienne Suter by Gepa

Hank McKee

Senior Editor

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