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Total events: 12
Approximate number of athletes: 240
Venue – Pragelato plan

Spectator information
Expected number of spectators: 8,116

The venue is located in the village of Pragelato, situated in the Val Chisone, between the hamlets of Pattemouche and Granges, at an altitude from 1,530 to 1,620 meters. It is located a few kilometers from Sestriere and is linked to Torino and Pinerolo by SS 23 road.

Description of the facilities

The course consists of a 10 km loop with different deviations. During the Games, the ‘Cross-Country Centre’ will provide service facilities for the technical staff and jury including: Results Room, Timekeepers Room, Jury Room, Technical Delegates’ Room, Secretary and Rest Room.

Field of play
(Loop/Length/highest point/lowest point/height difference/maximum climb)
Loop 1 1.4 km 49 m 1,587 m 1,561 m 26 m 22 m
Loop 2 (classical) 2.5 km 88 m 1,597 m 1,559 m 38 m 34 m
Loop 2 (free) 2.5 km 104 m 1,614 m 1,555 m 59 m 54 m
Loop 3 (classical) 3.3 km 113 m 1,597 m 1,549 m 48 m 34 m
Loop 3 (freestyle) 3.3 km 131 m 1,614 m 1,555 m 59 m 57 m
Loop 4 (classical) 3.75 km 117 m 1,597 m 1,545 m 52 m 34 m
Loop 4 (freestyle) 3.75 km 166 m 1,614 m 1,555 m 59 m 57 m
Loop 5 5.0 km 192 m 1,614 m 1,555 m 59 m 54 m
Loop 6 7.5 km 283 m 1,614 m 1,545 m 69 m 57 m
Loop 7 10 km 362 m 1,614 m 1,538 m 76 m 54 m

Training venues
Same as competition

Post-Olympic use
In the post-Olympic phase the structure will be used for the same purpose.

Weather data for last 10 years
Average maximum temperature in February 6.2 °C
Average minimum temperature in February -3.3 °C
Average snow depth in February 52 cm

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