TORINO: Alpine: Dorfmeister fastest in first day of women's downhill training

TORINO: Alpine: Dorfmeister fastest in first day of women's downhill training{mosimage}SAN SICARIO, Italy – After the first training session for the women's downhill, the reports from the racers are positive regarding the track.

Austrian Michaela Dorfmeister set the pace with a time of 1 minute, 55.68 seconds. Lindsey Kildow of the U.S. Ski Team was a close second in 1.55.72, with Swiss skier Fraenzi Aufdenblatten in third, only one-hundredth of a second behind Kildow.

Dorfmeister, one of the most severe critics of last year's course, was impressed with the challenge imposed by the changes made to the course. 'I respect it. It's a little different from last time — bumpier and one of the longest we have," she said.

Swedish medal contender Anja Person agreed with Dorfmeister's assessment. 'It's more difficult and there's more terrain to remember. The course is pretty bumpy … and the jumps are huge — huge! But there are good landings.'

Many of the U.S. skiers are still in the process of feeling out the hill. In addition to Kildow, those expected to race the downhill include Julia Mancuso (18th), Kirsten Clark (28th) and Stacey Cook (38th). Also training were combined skiers Kaylin Richardson (27th) and Resi Stiegler, who missed a gate.

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