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TIMELINE: Bode Miller's 60 Minutes affair, Jan. 5 – 13

TIMELINE: Bode Miller’s “60 Minutes” affair, Jan. 5 – 13It has been almost one week since Bode Miller made his notorious appearance on ’60 Minutes’ to deliver the out-of-context but also typically Milleresque anecdote heard ’round the world.

All week Skiracing.com has reported on the fiasco while our readers offered their perspectives. Below is a timeline of the ’60 Minutes’ affair, which was certainly not the first operatic episode in Miller’s career, and will probably not be the last one either.


Jan. 6: Bode Miller to discuss skiing and alcohol on 60 Minutes
By The Associated Press, dateline New York.

Jan. 8: Everyone freaking out about Miller’s scheduled 60 Minutes appearance.
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 8: Bode’s take: ‘Building heroes and tearing them down’.
By Steve Porino, Outdoor Life Network.

Jan. 8: FIS concerned by Miller’s comments
By Erica Bulman, The Associated Press.

Jan. 9: CBS promoter defends ‘salacious’ press release
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 9: U.S. Ski Team boss calls Miller’s comments ‘unacceptable’ but Miller’s sponsors stand by their man.
By Erica Bulman, The Associated Press.

Jan. 10: Bode Miller to deliver rare apology as his rivals, friends and the media react.
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 10: The American ski racing community reacts, mostly defending Miller
By Skiracing.com readers

Jan. 10: Men’s head coach Phil McNichol expresses deep frustration about Miller
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 11: U.S. Ski Team blacks out the media after McNichol’s venting… but the Austrian skiers will talk to us!
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 12: History is made as Miller apologizes.
By Nathaniel Vinton, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 12: American fans offer ardent responses and detailed interpretations of Miller’s moment of contrition
By Skiracing.com readers

Jan. 13: More of the same

Jan. 13: Bode Miller gets back to business — racing and headbutting authority
By Don Cameron, Ski Racing magazine.

Jan. 13: More of the same

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