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Swiss men pick starting lineup for Worlds

Swiss men pick starting lineup for Worlds{mosimage}The Swiss men’s team has named the following athletes for the World Championships :

Daniel Albrecht, age group 1983, tallies B, SC Fiesch Eggishorn/VS

Marc Berthod, age group 1983, tallies B, SC Alpina St Moritz/GR

Didier Défago, age group 1977, tallies A, SC Morgins/VS Gini Marc, age group 1984, tallies B, SC Bivio/GR

Jürg Grünenfelder, age group 1974, tallies B, SC Elm/GL Grünenfelder Tobias, age group 1977, national team, SC Elm/GL

Ambrosi Hoffmann, age group 1977, national team, SC Davos

Bruno Kernen , age group 1972, national team, SC Wimmis/BE

Silvan Zurbriggen, age group 1981, national team, SC Mattmark/VS

Marc Gini, who did not fill the criteria of selection, was taken all the same into account because of his “physical form and great potential.” The team sees “in him chances to obtain a good result. With that is added that Marc will have a starting position to the world championships which will be lower than that of the World Cup “, declared Martin Rufener, head alpine men’s coach. The commission of selection was made up of Gian Gilli, cheif of competitive sport, Martin Rufener, and the responsible trainers.

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