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Sullivan/Aklestad claim another Arctic Man title

Marco Sullivan and Tyler Aklestad just seem to have a knack for this Arctic Man thing. Sullivan and driver Aklestad got their second straight win in the 27th annual event topping 52 other teams.

The five and three-quarter mile Alaskan “track” has a 1.75 mile downhill leg, and a 2.25 mile up-hill pull of the skier by snowmobile, followed by another 1.75 mile ski to the finish. The Sullivan/Aklestad team completed the task in four minutes 4.8 seconds.

Claiming the women’s win was Anna Goodman of the Canadian team and Julie Thul of Minnesota.

Also entered in the event was Bode Miller’s brother Chelone and Eagle River driver Chis Olds, but a spasm had sent Miller to see a doctor and he missed his start time by eight skiers.

Sullivan photo from Beaver Creek by Eric Schramm

Hank McKee

Senior Editor

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